How to Sew Long Seams

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Mary and Rebecca Fons share a few tips on how to keep those long seams straight so you are able to create beautiful “strippy” quilts! Be sure to check out  the Tree Everlasting digital pattern and quilt kit. The quilt was featured in Quilty May June 2013. For more fantastic quilting tips and ideas pick up Quilty the magazine.


Tree Everlasting Digital Pattern     Quilty May/June 2013                  Oliso Smart Iron



  1. How do you keep a watch out for twisted seams when the pieced strip is on the bottom? Aren’t you just asking for twisted seams?

    Joy, 1 year ago Reply

  2. that is goood sister doing sewing together.

    zoraida, 1 year ago Reply

  3. No pins? seems like pinning where seams cross would help prevent twisting, or at least help you remember to be careful and check when crossing a seam.

    Shannon, 1 year ago Reply

  4. This totally works, thanks for the tip on sewing strip sets in different directions!

    Janelle Torgeson, 1 year ago Reply

  5. good tip thank you

    Nancy Nickel, 1 year ago Reply

  6. Another tip that makes it so much straighter is to cut the fabric strips with the lengthwise grain, parallel to the selvedges, even if you have to piece it. The crosswise grain (running selvedge to selvedge stretches more. I use the lengthwise grain for all my borders and long strips as much as possible.

    Corky, 1 year ago Reply

  7. When the pieced seams are on bottom, I put one pin in the seam closest to the machine needle.

    Barbara Meyers, 1 year ago Reply

  8. I am a beginner quilter and found this info very ohelpfuk.

    Rosalind Bonds, 1 month ago Reply

  9. […] sewer. Quilty has a large online collection of online instructional videos. Episode 318 is entitled How to sew Long Seams. This video offered a lot of helpful tips and […]

    Moving on to Bigger and Better Things | Jenaya Taylor, 3 weeks ago Reply

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