How to Improvisational Piece with Emily Bruzzini, Part 2

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Have you wondered what Improvisational Piecing is? In this free tutorial Mary is joined by Chicago quilter, Emily, to show us how to improvisational piece a quilt. A design wall can help you put together what your improv piece will look like. Mary suggests using a square-up ruler to have clean edges on your blocks. Want to try a log cabin quilt? Use the log cabin tool!

• Be sure to watch part 1 of this episode!

• Emily’s full article is featured in the March/April issue of Quilty magazine.

• For more fun and easy quilting tips and ideas pick up Quilty the magazine, visit or watch Quilty Season 1 on DVD!

Hint: click on the photos to view Quilty season 1 on DVD and Quilty magazine the March/April issue!

          Quilty March April 2013


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  1. I like the imrpov method of quilting. I’m working on one right now. The main problem I see here is the waste of fabric. Being a frugal person myself, I don’t like that aspect. From my own experience I think it should be possible to sew improv and still not waste lots of fabric. I’ve done it in some things. With the present financial state in this country I want to use every bit of fabric I can within reason. Maybe you could suggest ways to use those scraps. I know there are ideas out there. I have one of my own that I hope to start working on soon.

    Thank for the free show, I gave it a reference on my blog recently. :-)

    Mary Stephens, 2 years ago Reply

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