Quilt As You Go Pillow Top Project

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Katy demonstrates the “quilt as you go” piecing technique, in which you piece and quilt at the same time. Not only does Katy show you how to make good use of the leftover fabric from your Super Size HST quilt, but also how to use all your fabrics scraps quickly, simply and with style!

Katy makes a pillow top using this quilting method and recommends the book Pillow Pop for suggestions on finishing your pillow project. Stay tuned for more Quilt Monkey on QNNtv.com!


Blunt Tip Scissors                       Square Up Ruler                           Pillow Pop Book


  1. Katy, I have sooo been enjoying your lessons. As I said before I have quilted since the 80s but I still learn something new and you have a new fresh look to what others say may be old..I think you are doing a great job and am fascinated by your hair and your tats and it makes what you explain so refreshing LOL!!Personally i dont think any of us can say we know everything unless we are just plain arrogant. I love your series and Id rather listen to your British accent any day before some old American loud mouth!

    Izzy, 11 months ago Reply

  2. Very nice way to do a ‘quilt as you go’ project. I really do enjoy your instructive videos. Somehow you make things look so easy and doable. They inspire me to try new things.

    Peggy, 10 months ago Reply

  3. I’m planning to make a bunch of pillows and this looks like a really fun way to use up some scraps. I like the idea of mixing solids and prints.

    Lindsey, 8 months ago Reply

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