Supersize Me! (Half-Square Triangles)

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Make a supersized half square triangle quilt top in a day! Katy shows us a quick and easy quilt top using the HST skills learned in the previous two shows. Katy uses adorable fat quarters from Timeless Treasures to make this speedy quilt. Stay tuned for more Quilt Monkey on!


  Rotary Cutter 45mm                   Square Up Ruler               Scrap Bag Fat Quarter Pack


  1. Love, love your show so fresh !!

    Izzy, 11 months ago Reply

  2. Same problem, full time member for years, still get the preview video. I have changed too much because of all the “viruses and other problems” to keep getting this response. I’m sorry, so just quitting.


    Phyllis Good, 11 months ago Reply

  3. Expected something innovative from you Katy.
    Not the same old same.

    Ciara, 11 months ago Reply

    • I think Katy is doing a wonderful job at making fundamental piecing techniques accessible to beginners! While I’m not a beginner, I enjoy watching Katy because of her enthusiasm for the process. So if it’s not for you, carry on…there’s no sense in raining on another’s parade.

      Erica, 10 months ago Reply

  4. hello, I keep getting the preview show .I have logged in whats wrong?

    Sandra, 11 months ago Reply

    • Your information has been sent to you. Happy quilting!

      kwesselmann, 11 months ago Reply

  5. So nice and simple! Thanks for the easy projects! If I wanted it quick though, I might just grab a layer cake. It would make more squares, but no cutting up at first since they’re already cut 10 x 10.

    Stephanie D., 8 months ago Reply

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