How to Buy Fabric Online with Mary Fons

| Quilty | Episode 226

Mary talks about the basics of buying fabric online with some pointers about the process. You’re already online, right? Check it out! Quilty has an online shop. You can buy yards of fabric and pre-cuts. For more fantastic quilting tips and ideas pick up Quilty the magazine, visit or watch Quilty Season 2 on DVD!

Hint: click on the photos to view Quilty season 2 on DVD and Quilty March/April 2013!

          Quilty March April 2013


  1. Hi Mary,
    Great highlights!

    Karen, 2 years ago Reply

  2. I so enjoy watching you on Quilty. Your smile brightens my day and your tips are helpful and reassuring.

    Donna, 2 years ago Reply

    • Be sure to check out the Quilty magazine. The first one was realeased this summer. The 2nd one is due out the end of Oct. Yes, we are considering subscriptions to it also. Happy Quilting!!!

      Customer Service, 2 years ago Reply

  3. Good thoughts, Mary. You’re right – you can find unusual fabrics online that your local stores may not carry. My DIL’s parents are deaf, and I made my first granddaughter a picture quilt and also an alphabet sampler with ASL lettering I literally stumbled across on an online store site I get emails from. Everyone loves her quilt! I just happened to key in ASL on the clearance section of the site and it popped up. I didn’t even know it existed, and I’ve never seen it since. Luckily I went back and ordered more – I now have a 2nd granddaughter who needs a quilt!

    Diane Muchow, 2 years ago Reply

  4. Thanks Mary for the tips & info, I buy almost all my fabrics online and I go to different quilt shops online also :) Just love Quilty! and I love your great sense of humour! :)

    Caroline Saganash, 2 years ago Reply

  5. Thanks Mary for the tips & info, I buy almost all my fabrics online and I go to different quilt shops online also :)

    Caroline Saganash, 2 years ago Reply

    • Hi Caroline, I just read where you buy most of your fabrics online. I am a new online store. I hope you will stop by and visit.

      Martie Rowland, 1 year ago Reply

  6. I have bought on line w/ personal help from the designer/manfacturer of a particular fabric that I needed. Now I keep a log book, the quilt name is followed by the stickers that the cash register prints out on the fabrics that I bought. What a great way to keep track of how much, what it is called, who makes it, etc. Enjoy your tips.

    Pat Gilmore-Lee, 2 years ago Reply

  7. I love that she is wearing a Madonna shirt. Right on!!!

    MissAdena, 2 years ago Reply

  8. Mary,

    I took the modern quilt Anni from your new magazine and turned it into a country quilt with different sized white daisies on blue backgrounds, rotated the blocks and made two more. It became a twin-sized quilt to give away. It was quick to sew! I like the magazine!


    Terrie, 2 years ago Reply

  9. Hi Mary,
    Would love to shop for fabrics online but am always concerned about the colors. Do you know which monitors, if any, are better at displaying fabric colors?

    Carmen, 2 years ago Reply

  10. Madonna peering out from Mary’s chest was hilarious and a little distracting! haha

    Bonnie, 2 years ago Reply

  11. Don’t forget Quilt shops have the opportunity to sell their goods online, too. It’s a necessity these days to do so.

    terri, 2 years ago Reply

  12. Madonna, really?????

    sally, 2 years ago Reply

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