How to Square Up & Add Quilt Borders, Part 2

| Quilty | Episode 221

How do we piece strips for a larger quilt and make sure we sew it to the quilt top evenly? Watch and find out! The Fons Girls show you handy tricks using your mat and ruler. For more fantastic quilting tips and ideas pick up Quilty the magazine or visit! Be sure to check out the quilt Dream Girl featured in Quilty Winter 2012!

Hint: click on the photos to view Quilty season 2, Perfect Binding Master Class and the Dream Girl digital pattern!



  1. Hi Quilty! Loved the segment on “Squaring Up” Part 2. I have wanted to sometimes just sew my borders strips together with just a
    simple seam, but too many quiltling police around here. Ha! Ha! But I hadn’t though of finding the middle of the border and then the middle of the quilts and attaching the border to the quilt that way. Duh!!! Thanks for the tip.

    Jacqueline, 2 years ago Reply

  2. HiQuilty;
    Just wanted to commet on the bias seam in the sashings…
    They are fine but when I receive the quilts that have them for machine quilting I have to be extra careful with these quilts because the bias seam will stretch and this will cause the quilt top to become out of square. Also if 2 of these seams fall in the same area – 2 or more sashings- this will compound the wackieness.
    So, I will recomend that if and unless the bias seam is needed to be less noticable then the streight seam is the better choice.
    Just my thoughts.

    Shirley, 2 years ago Reply

    • I’ve never been happy with a 45 degree seam – 35 years ago no one did it. To me, it just makes the join more obvious; as you said you have to deal with bias. To me, it only works with large prints

      crazyanneca, 1 year ago Reply

  3. Just wanted to say that it’s great to know it’s okay to add two border strips together with just a straight seam rather than a diagonal seam especially when you barely have enough of the border fabric to go around. That’s happened to me.

    By the way, I like quilting BECAUSE there are no quilting police! Do what works for you.

    Fran, 2 years ago Reply

  4. I don’t like to join my border strips with a 45 degree join because that seam will stretch more than a straight seam..binding I join on the 45 …love your show!! rock the quilting world girl!!

    Helen, 2 years ago Reply

  5. Hi, thanks so much for solving the squaring up problem for me. I have been quilting for years and have been frustrated my times. Yeah!

    Marsha, 2 years ago Reply

  6. I love the quilt hanging behind you in this video, where can i get the pattern?

    Stephanie Buzzella, 2 years ago Reply

  7. Wonderful explanation.

    Christy Genne, 2 years ago Reply

  8. These episodes on adding borders are helpful. Thanks!

    Mary Stephens, 2 years ago Reply

  9. Thanks so much for these videos! They are very helpful, and you are so lucky to have your mom to help you with learning quilting. I live about an hour from a quilt shop that does classes, and have to be very careful with expenses, so pricey quilting classes, tools, and materials don’t fit my budget right now, which is why I LOVE your videos. Please continue to “educate” us. I love your happy and upbeat attitude in them:)

    Pat Reed, 2 years ago Reply

  10. This episode was very helpful. I love your program. I am new to quilting and you keep things simple for a new quilter.

    Mary Nesmith, 2 years ago Reply

  11. enjoyed

    DOTTIE, 2 years ago Reply

  12. I am making single/twin quilts but only can find 45″ wide material can you please give me a free video where I can go to watch how to build that out EASY to add so it hangs over the bed instead of just to the edge… Thank so much


    Shelley StClair, 1 year ago Reply

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