Top Five Sewing Machine Questions (Part 2)

| Quilty | Episode 217

Linda answers your top five sewing machine questions! For more fabulous quilting tips and ideas visit or watch more episodes at or on DVD! Be sure to watch part 1 of this episode!





  1. *NEVER USE CANNED AIR IN YOUR MACHINE* Any technician will say that this is the worst thing that you can use other than dropping your machine onto the ground over and over. Canned air will push and compact lint and debris into gears and bearings, causing very costly and unnecessary repairs. Always consult your manual and your dealership. Remember, pull lint OUT of your machine, don’t blow it IN!!!

    Patrick Meyeres, 2 years ago Reply

    • I have a Baby Lock sewing machine which I love. I did buy it locally but that experience was not a pleasant one. The retailer offered no service whatsoever. Fortunately, Baby Lock stepped up and will be looking after me although far from home.
      I also purchased an Olisio iron based on the fact that you use one. I am already on my second replacement iron in less than three months. These irons are junk in my opinion and you shouldn’t represent them as being quality.
      I also purchased Aurifil thread as all the websites said it was the best but my Baby Lock hates it and it breaks constantly. I guess it is too fancy for my machine.
      It is hard for beginners to be told buy this that and the other thing by “professionals” when really they are only endorsing a product because they are paid to do so or are getting product for free from the sponsor. This sort of thing should be made obvious so as a newbie one can make an informed decision.

      Claire Desrochers, 2 years ago Reply

      • Hi Claire,

        When I heard that Baby Lock was going to sponsor Quilt Out Loud I was worried. Having only sewn on Berninas for years I winced when the new machine arrived and I had to put my Bernina to the side. I was astounded that I even liked it, never mind that is has become my machine of choice. It seems every time Mark and I get together one or the other remarks at how much we love our Baby Locks.

        Can’t comment on the Oliso iron as I use a Reliable, but I haven’t heard people having trouble with them.

        As for thread, it’s the other way around. Years ago I tried a cheap big box brand of thread in my Bernina years ago and it gave me a resounding “No!” I educated myself as to why it gave me problems and started using better quaility thread ever since. Now I sew almost exclusively with Aurifil in my Baby Lock Symphony, different weights, different needles and fabrics. In fact I was just sewing with a twin needle on the show. Can’t guess what is going on with you though I do know that if I thread my machine with the presser foot down I have problems.

        BTW, I am not paid a cent for endorsing a product. They simply sponsor my shows. No one I know in the industry who has his or her foot to the sewing machine pedal is getting rich. We’re just so pleased to pay the bills doing what we love and sharing it with others.


        jdavis, 2 years ago Reply

    • Great. Comments on how to take care of machines

      LoleeBrown, 2 years ago Reply

    • I was also SHOCKED to hear a Babylock Training say to use canned air!!!!

      That will just send the dust further into the machine.

      WOW!! How many people are going to mess up their machines unless they read these posts?

      vicki G, 2 years ago Reply

  2. Thank so much for Quilty! I was trying to find out if my new Brother sewing machine needed to be oiled. Now I know it just needs a good cleaning. I like Quilty!

    Becky, 2 years ago Reply

  3. I have been told by a technician that it’s OK to use canned air providing (underlined) you are careful to blow away from the “gears and bearings.”

    Molly, 2 years ago Reply

  4. That makes more sense, Patrick! Thanks.

    Susan Musar, 2 years ago Reply

  5. This one episode was packed with so much good information. I was not familiar with the information on the variegated thread.

    Donna, 2 years ago Reply

  6. Sorry you had so many problems, I love my Oliso iron.

    Joy, 1 year ago Reply

  7. I work at a sewing machine shop where we carry Babylock and Viking sewing machines and sergers. We repair all kinds of sewing machines and the technicians warn everybody to never use canned air because they find that the force of the air drives lint and dust into the delicate inner parts of the machine.

    Luanne, 1 week ago Reply

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