Top Five Sewing Machine Questions (Part 1)

| Quilty | Episode 216

On this show, your burning sewing machine questions are answered by Mary’s pal and Baby Lock National Training Manager Linda Rainwater! For more fabulous quilting tips and ideas visit or watch more episodes at or on DVD! Be sure to watch part 2 of Top Five Sewing Machine Questions: Answered!




  1. Excellent presentation. Linda Rainwater provided some very useful information. I look forward to her next segment.

    Michelle Motley, 2 years ago Reply

  2. Just watched the first episode on Sewing Machines with Linda Rainwater. One of the comments was to always buy locally for so many reasons and never to buy on line. So what do you do when “locally” is close to 250 miles away!!

    Sue, 2 years ago Reply

  3. Thanks for the info! I think I can safely say common sense is key when purchasing anything as important as a sewing machine. Think of it as an investment and always remember…can’t see it, can’t touch it, can’t buy it!

    pioneerwoman120537, 2 years ago Reply

  4. Sorry, but I found this Quilty episode rather superficial. If tension is a “big” issue, why not get more in-depth to help people. For example, address whether you should attempt adjusting the bobbin tension, address the tension formula – TNT – check threading first, then needle, and tension last, address the interplay between needle size and type, thread size and type and fabric type as it pertains to tension. Normally I enjoy your videos, but this one really would not help anyone in my opinion.

    Linda Fielding, 2 years ago Reply

  5. I LOVE my Babylock Machines. I have the Ellisimo, Jewel and Evolution. I do mostly quilting and embroidery now. In the past I’ve had Viking, Juki and Singer machines, but like my Babylocks the best.

    Cheri Fleming, 2 years ago Reply

  6. Good observation, Linda Fielding! Tension is a subject all by itself — much more than the brilliant statement that you should consider the top (“on the top” and bottom (the one on the bottom”). A little less head nodding and eye blinking, and that could have been a useful couple minutes.

    Susan Musar, 2 years ago Reply

  7. I have often been told to use the pre-wound bobbin thread as it is a thinner thread and there is more of it on the bobbin allowing for more sewing time. So how do you address this with using the same thread in both the top and bottom of the machine?

    Joan, 2 years ago Reply

  8. I have to agree with a previous poster. I wanted to learn about tension. And how to fix it. And where to do that on the machine. This set is so lovely I don’t mind watching, but I learned NOTHING about tension.

    SteelCityMom, 2 years ago Reply

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