Make a Fashion Quilt Similar to Your Outfit Style

| Quilty | Episode 206

Mary and Rebecca Fons explore the idea of creating a quilt from a favorite outfit! This is a great way to use fun fabric. Rebecca and Mary say don’t be afraid to mark your quarter inch seams. For more inspirational quilting ideas visit or watch more episodes at or on DVD!

Hint: click the photos to view Quilty magazine auto ship and Quilty season 2 on DVD!



  1. Very good. Thoroughly enjoyed the inspiration, but most importantly the little hints. Very well done and it moved fast enough, yet not too fast. Thank you.

    Karen Kauffman, 3 years ago Reply

  2. This was a cool show! I sew like my wardrobe also. But, I love the quilt in the background. Is there a pattern for this in one of the magazines or will you do this on your show.

    Tammie, 3 years ago Reply

  3. Fantastic Idea. You are both joyous to watch. Have enjoyed F&P for many years. Happy to watch as you follow in your mother’s footsteps while adding your own “next generation” inspirations.

    Thanks for the great shows.

    Peggy, 3 years ago Reply

  4. That was a great idea re the fashion. However I have a problem. My fashion idea is comfort only. I use every color, so I guess I need to do a charm quilt to cover my fashion map. It’s a good idea.

    Shirley C., 3 years ago Reply

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