Sewing Needle Guide & Questions Answered

| Quilty | Episode 202

Mary talks about different questions that viewers have asked about needles. Need needles? Visit Fons & Porter for binding, basting, utility needles, and everything in between.  For more inspirational quilting ideas visit or watch more episodes at or on DVD!




  1. Great show, Mary! I am an older quilter and I didn’t know some
    of the questions asked. You are terrific!

    Sharon Peters, 3 years ago Reply

  2. Good questions and good answers. Some time it needs to be said that one should NEVER sew over pins. This causes needle breakage, and often messes up the machine’s timing, resulting in expensive repairs. Also, the point you made about the stitches looking wierd, is the best one, that is unless your machine threading has become undone or not properly done. (This coming from the experience I have had in many years teaching both garment sewing and quilting.) One factor in changing needles comes from the kind of fibers you are sewing on. All cotton and other natural fibers don’t wear out the needle as fast as blends–although I NEVER allow my students to make quilts out of blends, unless it’s a very special “Crazy Quilt” from very special memory fabrics. But, this rule is subordinate to the others, and machine quilting can involve poly batting. Love your show. I watch it to help me think about how I am teaching my “beginner quilters”. Thanks.

    Jane McKay, 3 years ago Reply

  3. I use a pill bottle both skinny( size of a quarter and fat size of a silver dollar) for needles and especially rotary blades. I can collect more of them before throwing a away the bottle. If a garbage man becomes in contact with needle, he may need to go to the ER for extensive, unneccessary testing due to the needles not being disposed of properly. I feel a ziplock bag still allows the needle to puncture the unsuspecting person, like the garbage man. Be happy! MJ

    MJ, 3 years ago Reply

  4. Between the hair and the blouse, I couldn’t focus on any one thing. Luckily there was no project to watch Mary construct. Please — give her a little advice on her appearance and her nervous twitches and style of talking. Too much caffeine?

    Susan Musar, 3 years ago Reply

  5. I liked the alphabet shirt!

    Sharon, 2 years ago Reply

  6. Love these detailed videos! By the way, how can anyone be critical of her appearance!!? And level of energy? She is beautiful and energetic and infuses her videos with a spark that makes me want to run to my sewing machine and start working. Thanks for the wonderful videos!

    Chantal, 2 years ago Reply

  7. I was watching the show today and was told I could find a needle, thread, and tension chart on the web site. Where ? I machine quilt and would like to have more knowledge about the different thread weights and needle sizes that work best together. Thanks

    nancy danner, 2 years ago Reply

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