How to Make a 9-Patch Quilt Block

Quilty | Blocks-a-Go-Go: "Cray Cray 9-Patch" | Episode 140

Mary shows how to make a basic 9 patch quilt block with a twist. Want to try your hand at a traditional nine patch? Look at Nine Patch Garden. For more quilting tips and techniques pick up Quilty magazine, visit or watch more Quilty episodes at!




  1. neat looking quilt, you make it look easy. I plan on trying this one.

    Jan Phillips, 3 years ago Reply

  2. Love this! A block that comes out great, looks hard to do and yet is really easy. Blocks-A-Go-Go are my favorite shows. Keep up the good work!

    Elaine, 3 years ago Reply

  3. I really like that, i am going to try it thank you.

    Phyllis, 3 years ago Reply

  4. I really enjoyed watching Mary do this “cray- cray” as the stacking and moving one to the bottom has always confused me.

    Ilene Ikens, 3 years ago Reply

  5. What a clever idea. Thanks for sharing

    Ruth Suchon, 3 years ago Reply

  6. I adore “cray cray”! :) And the block is great! How fun is that! Wouldn’t this make a magnificent holiday quilt? :) ANY holiday! Might even “fussy” cut some pieces. Thank you!!!

    Christina in Cleveland, 3 years ago Reply

  7. Very cute! I look forward to each new episode. Keep up the good work.

    JANIE GIORDANO, 3 years ago Reply

  8. love this… So easy, I am going to do this one soon!

    Fran Sancroft, 3 years ago Reply

  9. This is fun, quirky, and informative! Love it!

    Linda Ezuka, Quilting Under the Influence, 3 years ago Reply

  10. Great block! just looking at it you would think it had to
    be paper pieced …. but this is way more fun. Thanks.

    suzanne robinson, 3 years ago Reply

  11. I did something like this as a warm up exercise on a retreat a long time ago. I really enjoyed it and your video. Actually took notes and plan on trying it again.

    Mary, 3 years ago Reply

  12. gggreat scrap buster…as always, your show was fab u lous!!! Thanks Mary

    Helen Bell, 3 years ago Reply

  13. Hi… great block.. i noticed that on the little video, this ‘cray cray” block video is labelled on screen as “episode 40″ but on the links on the side of the web page that it appears on, it says “episode 140″….. ??? which is it for future reference???

    Dionysia, 3 years ago Reply

  14. How much material would you need for a twin , queen, or king size quitl using this crazy nine patch system?

    Chris, 3 years ago Reply

  15. Thanks for the video. I loved it. I hope to make this quilt someday.

    Debbie Taylor, 3 years ago Reply

  16. I love this quilt, it is the PERFECT project for using Layer Cakes!

    Janelle Torgeson, 3 years ago Reply

  17. Love the cray cray design. Great for the stash and to get wild and crazy with color and design!

    Diane Doiron, 3 years ago Reply

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