What is Longarm Quilting? Part 3

Quilty | WTQ Is Longarming? Part 3 | Episode 135

Learn about longarming with longarm quilter Ebony Love. Be sure to watch part 1 and part 2 of this episode. Ebony Love’s quilt, Schoolgirl, is featured in Quilty Summer 2012.

Hint: click the photos to view the Schoolgirl digital pattern and Quilty Summer 2012! 



  1. Hi Mary,
    I have never done any longarm quilting, or had anyone quilt my quilts, so I found this series very interesting. But, my question is, are you going to do a tutorial on that purple and green quilt in the background? I LOVE it!
    I really enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work.

    Karen, 3 years ago Reply

  2. There is another way to find a longarmer. You can search any association websites for longarmers in your area, like http://www.imqa.org or http://www.canadianquilter.com
    There are probably others, but these are the ones that I am associated with.

    Sandy Spence, 3 years ago Reply

  3. Hello Mary, Thank you for doing this piece on longarming. I longarm for clients nearly every day of the year. It was so nice to hear the gentle way of expressing what we need the piecer to be aware of how to prepare for the longarming. Hugs, Connie

    Connie Kelsey, 3 years ago Reply

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