What Is Longarm Quilting? Part 2

Quilty | WTQ Is Longarming? Part 2 | Episode 134

Longarm quilter Robbie Ecklow joins Mary to demonstrate how a longarm quilting machine quilts. Be sure to watch part 1 and part 3 of this episode and also pick up a copy of Quilty Summer 2012 for longarmed quilts including Ebony Love’s quilt Schoolgirl.

Hint: click the photos to view the Schoolgirl digital pattern and Quilty Summer 2012! 



  1. Love this!!!

    Laura, 3 years ago Reply

  2. I look forward to each new episode. Mary is so cute and makes the show a big success. You can tell she has a great personality. Keep up the good work.

    JANIE GIORDANO, 3 years ago Reply

  3. Just love the show. Mary you are so fun to watch. Even though I have quilted for some time, I enjoy watching. Great show

    Carolyn Spring, 3 years ago Reply

  4. love this series. would like to see more on topics like tension, threads and needles. Great series.

    midge, 3 years ago Reply

  5. Mary is so comfortable in her own skin…so plausable in front of the camera…makes a learning a new skill so relaxing. Brings the element of joy to quilting. Bj

    Betty Jo Miller, 3 years ago Reply

  6. Awesome videos, thanks ladies. I went for a weekend quilt class in January 2011 and have made about 7 quilts since then. My husband saw how much I enjoyed it that he bought me a Juki quilting machine and I wish I had more time to use it more often… homeschooling a 6 yr old limits me. However, I have a question … the frame I have allows you to put the top, batting and back of quilt on individual rails. Your video talked about putting them all on ONE rail. Can I put all 3 parts on 1 rail on this machine and is there a benefit to doing it that way?

    Sue Eutsler, 1 year ago Reply

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