What Is Longarming? Part 1

Quilty | WTQ is Longarming? Part 1 | Episode 133

Special guests Robbie Ecklow and Ebony Love join Mary to share with us the functions of longarm sewing machines! Next, watch part 2 and part 3. Ebony Love’s quilt, Schoolgirl, is featured in Quilty Summer 2012.

Hint: click the photos to view the Schoolgirl digital pattern and Quilty Summer 2012! 



  1. Great information. I am looking forward to info on some of the smaller machines for those that are not looking at long arming as a profession, but to finish home projects. I, for instance, cannot afford a Gammill machine, as much as I would really love, love, love one. What about things like the Gracie frames and Juki machines, for instance? Or more affordable machines?

    Sue Horvath, 3 years ago Reply

    • you should look into a b-line machine. they use a juki sewing machine and a frame that can be used to do king size quilts if necessary. they have a web site and a chat line. much less expensive than what was talked about on the show.

      sandy smith, 3 years ago Reply

  2. This is very informative and I do enjoy Quilty all the time…always is on top of what is needed to continue with the learning of the craft.

    I’ve been a quilter for about 40 years, and enjoy so when the love of the process is continued for beginners who will then continue and carry the banners. (after they have made them!)

    Thanks Mary and keep up the wonderful show.

    Eugenia F. Sack, 3 years ago Reply

  3. Great video – wonderful for our husbands to watch too! ;0)

    Michele, 3 years ago Reply

  4. I so love this info on long arm quilting machines. I’ve wanted a Millennium for the longest. Keeping fingers crossed. I tested one a few years ago, and absolutely loved it.

    Edna, 3 years ago Reply

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