How to Add Sashing to a Quilt

Quilty | Sashing: A Quilters Best Friend | Episode 131

Mary Fons talks about quilt sashing and provides ideas while discussing her Quilts of Valor example. Her finished quilt is called My Medal. Mary uses a design wall to organize her quilt blocks. Quilts of Valor is a national charity makes quilts for wounded service people. Visit to learn more! For more quilting tips and techniques pick up Quilty magazine or watch more Quilty episodes at!




  1. I grew up on Fons and Porter and you are the extension of them- your making it fun. I am a quasi beginner and looking for my inspiration to start a quilt and your giving it!
    I enjoy the format, the crew is outstanding and you all just make this a good show to watch.
    I see you on Fons & Porter but will you ever have a longer show yourself?
    You Go Gurl!!!!!

    Deborah E Reynolds, 3 years ago Reply

  2. I am really enjoying these mini lessons… thank you not a beginner but I think learning new ideas is for the advanced quilter too…

    Debbie, 3 years ago Reply

  3. The seam guide/foot on your Baby Lock – what do you call it and is there an equivalent for the Pfaff? I suppose I should call Pfaff, but I don’t know how to describe or what to call it. I inherited this fabulous machine from my sister, and I don’t care if I am 80 years old (!), I’m learning to make quilts. So far I’m doing pretty good, thanks to people like you and your mother and her buddy (and quite a few more quilting outlets). Thanks.

    Helen Zoerb, 3 years ago Reply

  4. Enjoy watching fons and porter and now a new member of the family, u took your sewing instructions very well,,,congrats to our mom,,look forward to every new segment…

    vickie, 3 years ago Reply

  5. I’ve loved every episode of Quilty, but especially today’s as there was no extra wait time during the buffering! Thanks and keep up the good work. Have loved your mom’s quilting show for years and am happy to see you have followed in her foot steps. Connee

    Connee Espe, 3 years ago Reply

  6. Great mini lesson. I just finished a quilt top with…oh, oh, long sashing! You are right, difficult to connect precisely. Won’t do it again.

    Claire, 3 years ago Reply

  7. Love love love this trick! I was always one to cut the long sashing strips and struggled with the things that you mentioned. I recently made a t-shirt quilt and really had a tough time with the long strips. What you have taught in this episode really is common sense but hearing it from an expert is so helpful!!

    Carla, 3 years ago Reply

  8. Love your tutorials! I’ve been a long-time fan of Marianne and Liz, and now you and Marianne on Love of Quilting. Nice to see the next generation keeping up the quilting tradition. I remain a fan.

    Karen, 3 years ago Reply

  9. Helen, Are you referring to the 1/4″ foot for piecing? Every manufacturer makes one, and there are generic ones as well. Call your dealer!

    jdavis, 3 years ago Reply

  10. I had to cancel my magazines because of loosing my sight due to macular degeneration. However these little videos are a delight for me since I can still see on the computer. Thank you for these. Betty

    Betty Hopper, 3 years ago Reply

  11. As a quilting teacher, I love the idea of pre-sashing blocks as your video showed; however, I carry it one step further. If you pre-sash the bottom of your blocks, you can easily add cornerstones at the same time. You then end up with larger blocks to be joined. By matching seams, there is total uniformity and no “crooked” sashing strips. Use a design wall, because you need to know which blocks will need sashing added on extra sides — the top and bottom and side blocks — to complete the top. Another advantage — you can use shorter pieces of fabric and/or,scraps, for extra variety!! Keep up the good work!!

    Ruth Scharback, 3 years ago Reply

  12. When sewing on the sashing strips, consider having the pieced block on top and the sashing on the bottom (next to the feed dogs). (In the video, you showed the sashing piece on top.) This way, you can see any intersections of the pieces in the quilt block and you won’t knock off any of the points on stars, triangles, etc.

    FiberAntics, 3 years ago Reply

  13. I am so glad that I watched some of the Quilty shows tonight! I have decided to use sashing on my granddaughter’s quilt as I am new at this and trying to match all those blocks unnerves me. Now I know how to do this.
    Thank you

    Pam French, 3 years ago Reply

  14. OMG you are amazing! I could watch you all day! You are so inspiring! You are just taking what talent your Mother has blessed us with to another level. (that’s a compliment to you both!) Thank you so much!

    TerriM, 3 years ago Reply

  15. I love Hey Quilty! Mary, you are so nice and your little lessons, are very easy to follow. I appreciate them so much as I am a new quilter. I am learning and growing as a quilter with every episode I watch. Keep up the good work!
    Would you recommend a favorite spray starch? I think I would love to use one regularly but don’t know which one to choose.
    Thanks so much.
    (alias quiltgirl 22)

    Brenda Glass, 3 years ago Reply

  16. Mary, As a beginner to the quilting world, you are a great teacher! I’m so glad there is someone like you who remembers there are lots of us out here who are just learning the skill. Keep up the good work!
    Thanks for your guidance,
    Terri -aka: KYQuilter

    Terr, 3 years ago Reply

  17. What book did the Repeating Crosses pattern come from? Thanks for your help.

    teri, 3 years ago Reply

  18. I sure wish I’d seen this before I tried to do a long, long seam.
    Oh well, I’ll know better next time.

    Jo Anne Watson, 1 year ago Reply

  19. How do you pre sash the little square blocks between each sash corner?

    Janet, 1 year ago Reply

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