Rotary Cutting Methods with Mary and Marianne Fons!

Quilty | Mat Lines vs. Ruler: Deathmatch! | Episode 123

Mary and Marianne Fons demonstrate rotary cutting methods! Be sure to check out the article Quilty Boot Camp: Accurate Cutting and the quilt Curved Log Cabin featured in Quilty Summer 2012!

Hint: click the photos to view Curved Log Cabin’s digital pattern, Quilty Summer 2012 and tools used in this episode!




  1. I use the lines on the mat AND the ruler. First I even the right end I plan to cut the strip from using the lines on the mat, then I flip the fabric to the left side so that I can cut the strips using the lines on the ruler. I hope this makes sense.

    Beth Rosecrans, 3 years ago Reply

  2. I really like Mary having her mother on with her, because I know
    she learned from her mother and that is a gift in it’s self.
    So nice to have a mother who is a prize winner!

    Sharon Peters, 3 years ago Reply

  3. Either method works well. I would suggest using only one method for any one project.

    Sue Purcell, 2 years ago Reply

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