How to Make a Quilt Label

Quilty | Quilt Labels | Episode 112

Every work of art bears the artist’s signature, right? Right! Well, a quilt is no different. When you’re finished with your latest masterpiece add a label! Grab some fun fabric and markers  (not washable!) to add the finishing touch to your quilt. For more quilting tips and techniques pick up Quilty magazine, visit, or watch more Quilty episodes at or on DVD!



  1. Very well explained, wanted to make my own labels, my own signature on my finished quilts but I couldn’t find no freezer paper where I live :( ..thank you Mary! I love watching all your quilty episodes, I also love your sense of humour!

    Caroline Saganash, 3 years ago Reply

  2. Mary you explained the label very well. I’ve been wanting to add one and couldn’t find anywhere to explain how big etc. Thanks, Sue

    Sue Hunt, 3 years ago Reply

  3. I am finishing up a yo yo quilt I making for my new grand daughter in pastel ginghams. It looks really pretty, if I do say so myself. I am definitely going to put a label on it. Thanks for such good information.

    JANIE GIORDANO, 3 years ago Reply

  4. This was a great video. I wish she had shown actually sewing the label on as that’s where I struggle. Any tips for turning the edges under and working the corners?

    Maggie, 3 years ago Reply

  5. Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate and enjoy Quilty….Mary is Great!!!

    Virginia Hearn Whiting, 3 years ago Reply

  6. I have made it a habit to make labels for my quilts I do mine on my Brother 8500 PC embroidery machine Using the fonts on the Machine Sometimes if I have room I add a little flower or animal I trim it to size with 1/4″ hem Pressed in with iron then stitch it by hand to lower right hand corner What to say:Name of quilt Made by – quilted by- To… Why (like birthday) Date Made designed by if purchased pattern any thing else you want to say Good Luck Happy Quiling Barbara Stack

    Barbara Stack, 3 years ago Reply

  7. I just started putting labels on my quilts and it’s fun! Don’t you have to heat-set the label after you use fabric pens? I also like to get printer fabric sheets and pick a design or picture from Microsoft Word or PrintMaster

    Patty Ward, 2 years ago Reply

  8. I also love Quilty! Where is Episode 221? Also love the small Rotary Cutter you use that is yellow and purple and can’t find it! Where can I find one?

    Patty Ward, 2 years ago Reply

  9. I just made a quilt that I’m so proud of and wanted to give it to my husband as a special gift. Unfortunately, after going through all the steps of doing a label, I went ahead and used Heat n Bond to apply it to the back of the quilt. Now I see that it’s more traditional to actually sew them on. :( Is it a big “no-no” to fuse the label on vs. hand stitching? I feel like I ruined my quilt now. Any advise?

    Maisy, 2 years ago Reply

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