How to Thread a Sewing Machine

Quilty | Bobbin-Part 2 | Episode 108

With a little thread and a little sewing knowledge, you’ll be sure to create a perfect quilt that you will love! We will show you how to thread a sewing machine, step by step.

This is a continuation of Part 1 which showed the process of setting up the bobbin. Be sure to check out Quilty Season 1 on DVD, Quilty magazine and for more great quilting tips!

Hint: Click on the photos below to view Quilty March/April magazine and Quilty Season 1 on DVD







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  1. Just one thing to add to this video … this is something I’ve told people who have been sewing for YEARS and they didn’t realize: your presser foot needs to be in the UPRIGHT position when threading through the tension disks … always. Lower the presser foot only AFTER threading through those tension disks.

    Sharon Aitchison, 3 years ago Reply

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