Quick-and-Easy Quilt Hanging Corner Pockets with Lori Baker

The Quilters’ Community | Episode 95

Here’s a quick-and-easy alternative to sleeves for small hanging quilt projects. These hanging corner pockets are worked into the binding so you need to plan accordingly. Watch as Quilters Newsletter creative editor Lori Baker shows how easy it is to add hanging corners using a rotary cutter, iron, and pins, and offers tips for size of hanging corner pockets, what to do if you bind your quilts by hand and more. Visit shopfonsandporter.com to satisfy your wall hanging needs. To watch more quilting videos of the Quilters Newsletter TV visit QNNtv.com and QuiltersNewsletter.com.



  1. Oh my gosh….I’ve never seen this before…what an awesome idea!!!!!!!!

    Mary Totch, 12 months ago Reply

  2. What I could see I loved, but it hit 25 minute mark and refused to go anywhere after that just refused to play! Any ideas for fixing this problem I sure would love to see the acrylic paint tips that Allie was about to show..?

    Belinda Sweeney, 7 months ago Reply

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