Meet Digital Fiber Artist Gay Lasher

The Quilters’ Community | Episode 90

Gay Lasher decided to take one art class. Three years later she earned an art degree. During that time she fell in love with photography and began marrying quilting with photography in her art work. Meet Gay and learn how she combines her talents for her truly spectacular work. And view some of that work as it’s displayed at the aBuzz Gallery in Denver, Colorado. Ready to add photography to your quilting? Visit to find elements you need, such as printable fusible to make a memory quilt!  To watch more quilting videos of the Quilters Newsletter TV visit and

Guest Bio:

With tailors, pattern-makers and knitters on both sides of her family, it is not surprising that Gay Lasher’s artistic explorations have started and ended with fiber. After successive careers as a weaver, batik artist, photographic collage artist and psychologist, Gay finally came to textiles in the form of art quilting in 2003, first exploring representational themes and finally using her photographic background to create abstract images for her current work.

Gay earned a B.A. from Bryn Mawr College and an M.A. from Columbia University. Later in life she earned a B.A. in fine arts from Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado, and a Psy.D. from University of Denver. She is now retired and working as a full time studio artist.


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