Pieced Quilt Backs with Lori Baker

The Quilters’ Community | Episode 82

Quilters Newsletter creative editor Lori Baker is a perfectionist when it comes to making quilt tops, but when it comes to quilt backs, “Anything goes,” she says. Well, almost. She does stay within the color scheme of the quilt top when making the quilt back. See some of Lori’s fun quilt backs and learn her process for making them. Also see one of her actual quilt backs in progress. To watch more quilting videos of the Quilters Newsletter TV visit QNNtv.com and QuiltersNewsletter.com.


Square Up Ruler                            Chenille & Applique Scissors   Havel’s 60mm Rotary Cutter

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  1. Wow! So much work involved to design a beautiful back but definitely worth it. I particularly adore the one with petunia type border. Bright and cheery, clean and crisp. I will be attempt to do this on my next quilt. Thank you for sharing.

    Eugenia Read, 1 year ago Reply

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