Inspiration with Patrick Lose & Kay Capps Cross

The Quilters’ Community | Episode 67

What inspires these two prolific quilters? Patrick’s primary quilt inspiration is color and things from his childhood, like cartoons. For Kay, it’s line, shape, architecture and contrast. They both encourage you to talk with others and learn what inspires creative quilters. You just might discover something new! To watch more  quilting videos of the Quilters Newsletter TV visit and

•Check out more small projects by Patrick Lose!

Pile O’ Pumpkins Pattern              Seaside Summer Pattern                Bubbly Butterflies Pattern









  1. almost fell asleep!

    Janis, 1 year ago Reply

  2. I would love to know where I can get your pattern for the Chapel Window quilt. Could you let me know please?

    Linda, 1 year ago Reply

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