Behind the Scenes at Quilters Newsletter

The Quilters’ Community | Episode 44

Take a tour of the Quilters Newsletter offices, meet the editorial and art staff and catch a glimpse of some fabulous quilts along the way. For more information on the Quilters’ Community check out! Watch more episodes at!


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  1. Hello Mary Kate,

    Love that fabric grab!!I would love to have that amount of fabric in my stash. Just wondering if you got any spare could you send it my way. It would help my stash grow a little please.

    I thoroughly enjoyed today’s video. It was great seeing some familiar faces too. I must say the gallery is truly beautiful and would have love to see more of it. As I’m unable to fly these days it was so nice to nice to have a bird-eye view of your offices. Happy quilting Julie Beard

    Julie Anne Beard, 1 year ago Reply

  2. I love the behind the scenes video. I’ve often wondered what goes into producing my favorite magazines. I have almost all the magazine issues since I started quilting in 1976. I have to say that the fabric grab was fun to watch but I don’t believe that the ‘grab’ is always this smooth and slow. Am I right?! Do tell us, inquiring minds want to know…

    Gail Auen, 1 year ago Reply

  3. Enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes office, and people. You all do such a great job. Just seeing all the quilts nd fabrics would inspire me. Thank you for the tour.

    Shari Rich, 1 year ago Reply

  4. It was informative to learn about how a newspaper comes together. It makes one appreciate the efforts and reliability that go into an edition. I enjoyed getting a peak at all the wonderful quilts on the walls.

    Elsie Bulva, 1 year ago Reply

  5. wow behind the seen great continue the work. I also love the fabrics

    zoraida, 1 year ago Reply

  6. Very interesting….Enjoyed this alot…..
    Keep up the great work!

    Theresa, 1 year ago Reply

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