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There are various types of quilts that have been developed over time. Some are more complex than others and there many for the beginner level quilter. Happily, as they’ve gained in popularity, quilts have become two-fold; they’re both a form of art and perform a functional purpose. In days gone by quilts were made simply to keep warm, though it’s arguable that even back then there was a certain level of attention paid to the detail and design.

However quilts were, first and foremost, meant to keep folks warm and comfortable and were rarely crafted as a means of showing off an individual’s artistic skill with a needle and thread. Still, despite the quilt’s rather humble beginnings, the passage of time has helped to create a whole new market whereby quilting has become more of a hobby, a way to pass time, to show off your skills and create handcrafted quilts as gifts and keepsakes.

QNNtv.com has long been aware of the shift, and has become the premier site for quilting videos. We currently have 1000’s of video tutorials, aimed at both beginner level and expert quilters, which cover a wide variety of quilt designs, methods and quilting styles. As a subscriber, you’re able to access any number of our videos, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and even better – subscribing to our video selection is as easy as it gets.

Once you’ve subscribed, you can learn how to make a Pinwheel quilt, Crazy quilts, Amish quilts and more. We guide you through each process, step-by-step. We share insider hints, tips and advice and, best of all, we help you to produce beautiful quilts time and time again! Now that you know what we’re about, let’s talk about some of the more popular types of quilts, the ones that get our subscribers buzzing, the ones that we know are our most talked about … firm favorites with quilters everywhere!

Amish Quilts

For many quilters, Amish quilts represent tradition and history, and they’re a popular choice for many reasons. They’re distinct in that they’re predominantly based around dark, rich colors and geometric shapes and patterns. Based upon the Amish cultural perspective of living a life without artistic embellishments, their quilts are nonetheless a thing of beauty. The Pinwheel design is a fairly conspicuous Amish pattern, and we have a great free video entitled Blocks-A-Go-Go: Twinkling Star Part 1, which will more than introduce you to this much loved quilt design.

Baltimore Album

The Baltimore Album is another popular quilt design, one that embraces a mixture of design elements – applique, a wide variety of colors (in one quilt), lots of variation in the individual blocks and, of course, a lot of creative flair from the quilter. They were initially created as a means of displaying prosperity, and were more likely to be crafted as a means of showing off an individuals talent (and wealth!) than they were for purely functional reasons. As quilts go, they’re unique in that they’re a highly involved type of quilt, and a true display of a variety of different quilting components … and yes, even a beginner level quilter can make one with the correct guidance!

Crazy Quilts

For many quilters, Crazy quilts are fun, unique and packed full of character. Although there are many patterns available, a Crazy quilt is more about creating a wild patchwork design than it is about order and form. The colors and patterns are purposely designed to appear chaotic and the fabrics are equally varied. They’re a great choice if you have plenty of fabric scraps lying around, and we’ve certainly got a good selection of videos on QNNtv.com that will to guide you through the quilting process. A great place to start (for a beginner) is with Quilty, Series 1: What is a Quilt?

The video details quilting basics, such as what a quilt is, how to make a quilt, the different elements and so on. You’ll learn about the elementary aspects of quilting and no doubt have a better understanding of the different types of quilts and, hopefully, you’ll find that we’ve peaked your interest when it comes to Crazy quilts and more!

Hawaiian Quilts

The belief is that Hawaiian quilts first appeared with the arrival of missionaries in the early part of the 19th century. Initially these types of quilts were simple yet elegant, and over time the Hawaiian style has evolved down two different paths – contemporary and traditional. The focus is as much on applique as it is on the fabric and pattern, and we have some great videos that cover both beginner level and advanced applique sewing techniques. Being an important feature of any Hawaiian quilt, applique is definitely a must-have skill!

Native American Star Quilts

At QNNtv.com, Native American Star quilts are another popular type of quilt, one that many of our experts have mastered and of course we can pass on their expertise to you though many of our wonderful videos. This quilt design is famed for its central star variations and the definitive Native American feel. Quilting was introduced to the Native Americans by missionaries who, intent on ‘educating’ those that they met, were determined to bring seemingly civilized skills from Europe to the Americas. Conversely, the natives took what they were taught and developed a whole new quilting design … perhaps confounding the missionaries but certainly a bonus for quilters everywhere!

Seminole Quilt

The Seminole quilt is another Native American quit design. It’s based around the patchwork strip pattern that evolved from the Seminole Indians somewhat ingenious method of overcoming the lack of available fabrics for clothing. They would sew strips of cloth together, often left over pieces from different bolts of fabric, until they had pieces large enough to craft new clothing. Over the years the designs have grown in complexity and the use of the Seminole patchwork block is surely one of the most distinctive geometric-based designs to master.

Pinwheel Blocks

The Pinwheel block design first appeared as far back as the late 18th century. They’re an arrangement of four triangles, created by halving a square piece of fabric, and completed they resemble a child’s pinwheel toy. They’re a favorite quilt block, and often seen in small quilts designed for children. The Pinwheel is fun and simple to replicate, and has never lost its popularity since its first appearance on the quilting scene.

European Quilts

Beyond some of the more recognized American based quilt designs, there’s also an array of beautiful European quilts to choose from. Of those, some of the more popular designs are:

  • British quilts
  • Italian quilts
  • Provençal quilts

British quilts appear as far back as medieval England. Back then, quilting was used for items of clothing, and bed coverings started to appear during the 15th and 16th centuries. Over the years, the influence of British quilting became apparent through quilt designs such as the Baltimore quilt and patch-worked borders. Italian quilts are first thought to have appeared as coverings back in the late 14th century, though small items of clothing are known to have been made some years earlier.

Traditional Italian quilting includes patterns interlaced with figures and/or floral designs placed in domestic settings. Provençal quilts, or boutis as they’re otherwise known, are another traditional type of quilt, made from wholecloth. The quilting technique is based upon ‘stuffing’ that’s inserted between the front and back quilt pieces, and stitching symbolic patterns (flowers, religious motifs, birds and animals) onto the quilt.

Remember – quilting in any form is supposed to be about fun and creativity and everyone started somewhere. This is what we’re all about at QNNtv.com and and no one knows (collectively!) more about quilting than we do! Plus we love to share our expertise and invite you to browse through our free video collection as a means of establishing that we’re exactly what we say we are … the best in the business!

Subscribing will enable you to enjoy the whole back catalog of videos, plus you’ll always be the first to know when we have new releases, great new patterns on the horizon, as well as news and information about what our experts are up to, book releases and more.

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