Quilts And Quilting

There are so many different types of quilts and quilting methods (not to mention individual experts hints and tips!) that we thought we’d create an overview of some of the more popular quilts and quilting techniques., especially for our beginner quilters. This allows us to share some great ideas with you, and in turn you get a taste of everything that’s great about the world of quilting!

One of the easiest ways in which we can share information with you is to start out by pointing you at our substantial video collection. At QNNtv.com, we have a wealth of video tutorials relating to quilts, methods, tools and tricks of the trade. They’re headed by many of today’s more well known experts in the business and subscribing to our collection gives you instant access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Through our videos we guide and teach, we share and inspire, and we’re confident of our ability to engage and stimulate our members into action! We’re proud of our reputation and expertise and by subscribing you’re guaranteed to receive the right guidance and advice every step of the way … no matter whether you’re a beginner level quilter or above!

How To Quilt

Let’s start with how to quilt, or more specifically how to make a quilt. In principle, a quilt only requires that you have the fabric, space, tools and know how. To start with many quilters get by with the basics, and allow their developing skill to dictate the quilt type, whether or not they need to invest in (as an example) a specialized quilting machine, and how much room they really do need to devote to their quilting endeavours!

If you’re new to quilting, there are some definite basics that will help to get you started:

  • a rotary cutter – a great little tool and once you’ve learned how to use one you’ll never look back
  • rotary ruler and mat – the need for a rule is obvious, and of course the rotary mat and ruler will give you perfect cuts and protect your table top
  • an iron and ironing board are another must-have, though it’s highly likely that you’ll already own the both
  • a ‘design wall’ – which is simply a large piece of hanging flannel or batting (the fabric used to ‘stuff’ a quilt) that will allow you to tack or pin your pieces in order for you to keep track of what you’re doing
  • scissors and cotton thread (you’ll need a few of these!) – easily acquired and quite possible that you have them already
  • sewing machine – this is an optional piece of equipment but, if you’re serious about quilting, you will save a lot of time and effort if you own one
  • seam ripper, needles and pins – the seam ripper comes in for mistakes. We all make them, beginners and experts alike can and do mess up quilting patterns. The needles and pins are self-explanatory, and thankfully inexpensive

Beyond the above, you’ll need plenty of fabric. A standard patchwork quilt takes up a whole bunch of different fabrics – the front pieces, the back and the batting. However …. once you get bitten by the quilting bug, you’ll be amazed as to how quickly you build up a good stock!

One of our videos, Quilting Tips For Beginners takes you through a neat list of beginner tips and advice. Brittany guides you through a list that includes fabric choices, as well as the little things that make quilting easier and more fun all round.

Quilt Patterns

Next up is quilt patterns. Making it up as you go along is a recipe for disaster – there are plenty of free quilting patterns available for you to choose from. On QNNtv.com, you’ll find plenty of great quilting patterns and patchwork quilt designs, in and among our impressive collection of videos. We have quilt in a day tutorials, baby quilt patterns and so much more. They’re all accessible from the moment you subscribe to our web site and, as an example, WTQ Is Longarm Quilting is one such video:

Mary Fons chats with different quilters; they discuss different ways and means with which you can use a longarm quilting machine. You get to see how the experts put their own patchwork quilts together, the hows and whys, and what makes for the best results. Of course you can adapt and alter, once you’ve mastered the basic quilting techniques. That’s the fun side to quilting, you can ‘go creative’, just like our experts!

Quilting Fabric

There are so many different types of quilting fabric that it’s hard to resist an adorable fabric, and it’s perfectly normal to end up with way more fabric than you have quilts in the pipeline! However assessing the right type of fabric, getting to know your fabric, is an integral part of the quilting world. We have a video, entitled Fabric 101 – Learning About Fabric for Quilting [http://www.qnntv.com/videos/1002-learning-about-fabric-for-quilting/], which is hosted by two members of the Fons family, sisters Mary and Rebecca. They discuss the best fabrics for quilting, and why fabrics are the most fundamental aspect of quilt making. The most important lesson that you’ll learn is that when it comes to patchwork quilts, cotton broadcloth is the best of the best.

It’s strong yet light enough to work with, comes in thousands (literally!) of different prints and really sets the base for the most beautiful quilting results. One lesson that’s better to learn sooner rather than later is to use the right fabrics. Quilting patterns revolve heavily around fabrics and using the right type is (naturally) a huge plus. Trying to hand craft a quilt when you’re using something that’s best designed for upholstery is no fun, trust us!

Finally, once you’ve gained a basic understanding of quilts and quilting, there will be no stopping you. By subscribing to our extensive collection of quilting videos, we’ll be with you every step of the way. You’ll learn how to quilt like the experts, quilt-in-a-day and create your very own blocks-a-go-go creations! Remember – QNNtv.com is accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and a few simple steps will bring a whole world of quilting fun and expertise, right into your home.

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