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At QNNtv.com, we have a wide variety of quilt patterns, suitable for both beginners and experts. Of course there are so many different patterns that we can’t contain them all in one article (or video for that matter!). However what we do manage to do is deliver a broad spectrum of free quilt block patterns and more that will help even the most novice among us to get started on the road to quilting success!

One of our free videos, Complicated Quilts Made Easy, demonstrates just how easily a seemingly complicated quilt design can be recreated once you know how the experts do it. Though short, it’s interesting (and inspiring!) to know that much about quilting is far less complex that it appears from the outside looking in. At QNNtv.com, we’re aware of how difficult everything seems at the beginning, and we’re especially connected with our beginner level quilters.

This is why we have video collections that teach the quilting basics, such as:

  • using the right tools
  • quilting supplies and where to buy them
  • sewing machine basics
  • simple applique techniques
  • choosing fabrics
  • easy quilt patterns for beginners
  • and much more!

Of course to gain entry to our extensive (and growing!) library of videos, you will need to subscribe to QNNtv.com but … subscribing is as easy as threading a needle! Once you’ve become a member you’ll have full access to our popular and well loved videos, which in turn opens you up to a whole world of expert help, advice and guidance – and let’s not forget all those wonderful quilts you’ll be making! Joining QNNtv.com is a firm step in the right direction, and one that we guarantee will take you along a wonderful quilting journey. Learn to quilt with Fons and Porter, find out how the likes of Eleanor Burns and Marti Mitchell produce beautiful results, time and again and don’t forget our blog and free newsletter. In all, QNNtv.com delivers the whole package, from A through to Z!

Machine Quilting Patterns

Now there are many machine quilting patterns – far too many to list here … but we’re pretty sure we cover almost all the quilt pattern basics that are worth knowing, learning and trying out. Plus we continually add to our video collection and recommendations in order to keep our members (and ourselves!) up-to-date with the world of quilting. As an example of the quality of our videos, one of our most popular series is How to Make a Pretty Chain Block. Mary Fons teaches you how to create a gorgeous quilt using the chain block pattern, and as you follow the tutorial you’ll realize how easy it is to recreate a nine patch quilt pattern using a little help, guidance and inspiration.

Our Blocks-A-Go-Go series is pretty popular, not least because we cover a range of quilting patterns and designs:

  • star quilt pattern
  • appliqué quilt patterns
  • log cabin quilt pattern
  • jelly roll quilt patterns
  • as well as many other popular block quilt patterns

Naturally we produce and share a whole host of other quilting videos, some of which are based seemingly complex designs but which we at QNNtv.com are known for simplifying and sharing with our members. Happily we partner with a hole host of quilting experts, all of whom share their not inconsiderable quilting knowledge! In another of our great Blocks-A-Go-Go series, sisters Mary and Rebecca Fons share their insight in How to Create a Farmer’s Daughter Block.

As Mary states, they show you how to set up the Framer’s Block from the ‘ground up’, prior to machine stitching the block together. In effect it’s a nine patch block with a twist, and a very simple one at that!

Block Quilt Patterns

Our range of block quilt patterns is comprehensive, from barn quilt patterns to rag quilt patterns and more. They’re all delivered by way of easy-to-follow videos, and hosted by a variety of quilting experts. Another favorite is one of our free baby quilt patterns, entitled Baby Quilts with Three-Dimensional Effects, which features a gorgeous basketweave quilting pattern that has almost a three dimensional effect. Marianne Fons and Liz Porter demonstrate how to make a beautiful baby quilt the expert way. With step-by-step instructions and of course a wealth of insight from two of the quilting industries leading experts, the resulting quilt is nothing short of adorable.

Moving on, we also have tutorials relating to rag quilt patterns, a big favorite with quilters that love to create warm and appealing quilts to relax and snuggle beneath. In Create Quilted Squares For an Easy Quilted Rag Throw, Fons and Porter yet again demonstrate who to master the art of making rag quilt projects, this time a gorgeous and comforting throw. By watching the video, you will learn how to perform a variety of quilting techniques, all of which allow you to polish your skills with a whole new quilting method.

We also have a nice variety of paper piecing quilt patterns, all of which cover different levels of skill:

  • foundation paper piecing
  • curved paper piecing made easy
  • paper piecing block hearts
  • paper piecing with flannel fabrics

As always, the videos are highly instructional and lead by experts that focus their efforts on helping our members grow and develop their own quilting skills. At QNNtv.com we really do have a love for all things related to quilting, whether that be sharing innovative products newly available to the quilting industry, recommending fabrics and supplies, or simply helping our member base to create beautiful quilts time after time! We love to share, we love to inspire, and by subscribing to QNNtv.com, you’re opening yourself up to a whole world of quilting. Join us today at QNNtv.com – where the quilting never stops!

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