New Videos on Love of Quilting 1800 Series!

The entire 1800 Series of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting is now up on! Marianne and Mary Fons host each episode and teach quilting techniques, demonstrate new tools, and welcome sewing specialists, longarm quilters, and other guests from the quilting world. Their teaching methods are accessible for any level of quilter, from beginner to professional. You can enjoy the entire series by joining—it’s as simple as that!



Episode 1801                                              Episode 1802

We appreciate your support in making a leading site for quilters to learn, build community, and become inspired, so we are giving away a DVD copy of the 1800 series!

Please tell us in the comments why you love We appreciate your feedback! One lucky winner will be chosen at random on August 6th.

ETA: Congratulations to our winner, Leah B. Thanks to all who participated!


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  1. I love being able to watch the videos rather than reading dry often confusing instructions. I’m much more visual:)

    Marie S Lipton, 1 year ago Reply

    • I love watching the dvd’s because i can do them whenever i have time or can follow step by step as i try a new project. Often i watch them late at night when the hubby is in bed and the house is quiet. I watch the dvd,s over and over again…..I just love fons and porter!!!

      Darla Lautenschlager, 1 year ago Reply

  2. There is always something new to learn and do!

    Marcia Lilley, 1 year ago Reply

  3. I’m really a beginner when it comes to quilting. I’ve learned alot watching Quilty.

    Laurel Lee, 1 year ago Reply

  4. Really wish I received some quilting channels and that I had a fast enough internet to allow me to watch classes on-line. Alas, i’m limited to printed instructions which can often be difficult to follow.

    Sandy Clabaugh, 1 year ago Reply

  5. Love watching and learning.

    Karen, 1 year ago Reply

  6. I discovered Fons and Porter last year. I DVR all the shows. In fact, my DVR is almost full. My boyfriends says I need to delete some of the shows but that isn’t going to happen unless I win!

    Sylvia, 1 year ago Reply

  7. Love this series, but of course, I love ALL of them!

    Connie Stennes, 1 year ago Reply


    TAMARA SIMMONS, 1 year ago Reply

  9. I am a beginner and can use all the help.
    Thank you

    Sherry Linhoff, 1 year ago Reply

  10. I absolutely love the way everything is explained in the video…so much easier to ‘see’ what to do, then taking the time trying to figure out what someone is saying!! You do awesome!!

    Gloria Thompson, 1 year ago Reply

  11. I enjoy watching the videos it like having a class in your own home!

    Kathryn Huerta, 1 year ago Reply

  12. I love watching tv and videos on quilting because I am self taught. I know these would be valuable for the autistc child I’m teaching.

    Kay Jones, 1 year ago Reply

  13. It doesn’t matter how much you think you know there is always something new

    Claudette Adams, 1 year ago Reply

  14. Although I have been sewing for more than 50 years, I am eager to learn new techniques so that I can apply them to my projects. I have already learned so much from Fons and Porter.

    Bettie Fennell, 1 year ago Reply

  15. Love love love this show

    Julie, 1 year ago Reply

  16. I love watching videos because I can go back and keep watching until I get what they are doing. Some times it just takes that one more time for it to click and you can see what you were missing and do something new.

    mary rawlins, 1 year ago Reply

  17. Whenever I get stuck – Fons and Porter always give me inspiration -it can be something I watched many times before – all of a sudden it’s a new idea (or gets a new idea going in my head). Thanks Marianne and Liz!

    Mary-Frances Reavey, 1 year ago Reply

  18. WOW!!! That’s great! Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

    Lorri, 1 year ago Reply

  19. I am new to quilting and have to watch online. What a wonderful treasure winning this series would be for a new person at this art!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

    Johnne, 1 year ago Reply

  20. I love to learn new things, and this makes it all so easy!

    Sherry Powell, 1 year ago Reply

  21. Want to learn to quilt and it is helping me learn

    Deborah Sanders, 1 year ago Reply

  22. Just recently started quilting. I look forward to the video classes to help me on my way. They look awesome.

    Vickie Shackett, 1 year ago Reply

  23. As a beginner, I would love to win this series! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Krista Stone, 1 year ago Reply

  24. I can do a little, watch and then advance the tape and do some more.

    Denise Lewis, 1 year ago Reply

  25. I love learning new things and having it explained in great detail right in front of me.

    Robin Cole, 1 year ago Reply

  26. Like that you can go and watch it when its more convenient for you and also to be able to watch it over and over. Love them!

    Joni Lynn, 1 year ago Reply

  27. I am learning so much from your programs and newsletter.

    Teresa, 1 year ago Reply

  28. Love watching this show — and love recommending it to my quilting friends who are just coming into the quilting world!

    Amy E. Armstrong, 1 year ago Reply

  29. There is always so many things to learn and being self taught I am always looking for new ideas.

    Barbara Lowell, 1 year ago Reply

  30. Seeing is believing and believing is the first step in accomplishing a new technique or idea. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your talents with us!

    Kathy Nuetzel, 1 year ago Reply

  31. I enjoy being able to see how things fit together and to try new techniques.

    Fran Hunt, 1 year ago Reply

  32. love learning new things about quilting ,….so much fun

    Louise Laplante, 1 year ago Reply

  33. I love being able to watch and work at the same time, it enables me to be follow along the pattern and make it fit like it is suppose to. I love learning new things. Watching makes it so much easier.

    Coreen Price, 1 year ago Reply

  34. I love to quilt and the video are great for demonstrating new techniques!

    Dorothy Bennett, 1 year ago Reply

  35. I’m more visual,and just reading does help as much. And I love QNNtv, there is always good advice and new ideas.

    Jean McMurry, 1 year ago Reply

  36. You are such great teachers, very easy to understand, and there is always something new to learn, or a better way to do it!

    Carol Nelms, 1 year ago Reply

  37. I love being able to see the steps needed to make a particular design. I would love to win this series.

    Mary Jewell, 1 year ago Reply

  38. I’m a new quilter and I need all the help I can get. I watch the Fons & Porter on my PBS channel when I can but when it’s time to do the project using what they’ve shown on tv, I can’t remember the steps.

    Eileen Snook, 1 year ago Reply

  39. I love the show! I learn something new each and everytime I watch it! :) I do look forward to saturday afternoon when it comes on!


    Kris Herber, 1 year ago Reply

  40. I love to SEE how to do something and always finding new ideas and techniques on your web site. Keep it up!!!!!

    Pam, 1 year ago Reply

  41. Love watching as it is easier to learn. As a beginner, working on my first quilt, I sometimes feel overwhelmed & having someone actually showing me what to do is a tremendous help… thank you!!

    Donna, 1 year ago Reply

  42. I love watching how something is done and seeing different color selections. I always learn something new.

    Dorothy Le, 1 year ago Reply

  43. I love being able to watch the step by step instructions rather than reading them and looking at still pictures.

    Gerry Sullivan, 1 year ago Reply

  44. I love looking at the pattern of the quilt with all of the colors. Keep them coming.

    Doris Wegner, 1 year ago Reply

  45. What a great way to learn quilting! It’s like having one-on-one time with the teacher.

    Ginger James, 1 year ago Reply

  46. Me an love and my daughter love watching, cause we learn so much. The DVD’s are even better cause you can rewind if you miss something.

    katrina barbee, 1 year ago Reply

  47. I am one of those people who must be shown how to do it. Reading most of the time doesn’t make since. Love Saturdays….
    Keep the show coming!

    Jeri Hutchins, 1 year ago Reply

  48. You always learn sometime from every video and it is like hands on experience

    Corliss Okerstrom, 1 year ago Reply

  49. Due to my current financial situation, cable & my subscription to “Love of Quilting” are no longer possible. I’m sure whoever wins the 1800 Series will not only be as thrilled as I would be, but will be inspired while learning new techniques.

    Diane Wood, 1 year ago Reply

  50. I have been quilting for about 2 years now and love to see new patterns and ways of doing things. Being able to watch a DVD or program helps me actually see how things are done and what it is suppose to look like. I love watching the Fons and Porter on my PBS station… saturday’s are my favorite time. Even if I am watching the program I still record so I can go back and make sure I get the details right..I just love the show !!!!!

    Marianne, 1 year ago Reply

  51. I love to watch, always gives me new ideas. I never win anything,so this would be a big shock if I did! LOL

    Susan vanHunnik, 1 year ago Reply

  52. I love quicker by watching someone do it than I do in books

    Sandie Oravec, 1 year ago Reply

  53. I would love to win this…we don’t have cable so I never get to see the show. This would really help me further some basic skills and learn something fun and new =)

    tiffany winchester, 1 year ago Reply

  54. Love you DVD’s and also the tv program. I watch them all faithfully

    J ennifer Royston, 1 year ago Reply

  55. Love the new ideas I always find on QNN. I have the 1500 series of Fons & Porter and love it–would love to have 1800 series.

    Lin Millwe, 1 year ago Reply

  56. I love to watch and learn new ideas and great tips for making quilts.

    Kathy Ingram, 1 year ago Reply

  57. I don’t have tv shows/cable/direct tv… I only have a computer to watch dvd’s on. I would love to win this! Then my quilting friends & I could get together and learn from seeing lessons ,techniques on your dvd’s.

    Ann Wright, 1 year ago Reply

  58. I would to win this I have all the others

    Joan Jones, 1 year ago Reply

  59. I love to watch your shows I tape all of them that way I can watch them anytime. I have learned so much from them. Thank you so much for shareing so much with us.

    Mary Hills, 1 year ago Reply

  60. Love the patterns on QNN and would love to win the 1800 series of Love of Quilting.

    Lin Miller, 1 year ago Reply

  61. I’d be so happy to win this. There’s always more to learn.

    Carol Vickers, 1 year ago Reply

  62. I find it much easier to watch you make the quilt than to follow written directions. I made my first pieced quilt with you :)

    Julie, 1 year ago Reply

  63. I live QNN because of the variety of information presented. Something for everyone!

    Pat, 1 year ago Reply

  64. Love Fons and porter. This is a great gift. Thanks for the giveaway.I don’t expect to win this, since I rarely get anything for free but it is nice to be able to post on these sites.

    Janet Irvine, 1 year ago Reply

  65. I’m a fairly new and self taught quilter and love the fact that I can watch these over and over and keep learning new and exciting things.

    Christy P, 1 year ago Reply

  66. I enjoy learning tips and tricks, knowing I have lots to learn and intend to make new quilts in the years to come!

    Nadine, 1 year ago Reply

  67. I enjoy QNNtv because I am new to the quilting craft and with QNN I am able to learn techniques to improve on my skills.

    Wanda Hurst, 1 year ago Reply

  68. I love because I am not able to get the quilting shows on my current TV service.

    Nice to be able to watch anyone of the fabulous videos and have access to information anytime/anywhere!

    Cindy Cantin, 1 year ago Reply

  69. The shows are always filled with ideas and inspiration!

    Susie, 1 year ago Reply

  70. I like the ability to watch episodes when I have the time. It’s tough to block out hours to go to a quilt store for a lesson, and it seems the teachers migrate to the experienced quilters more than the beginners. I have felt left out more than once, so I stopped going to those classes.

    Diane Van Minsel, 1 year ago Reply

  71. I just can’t get enough of all things quilty!

    Linda Illes, 1 year ago Reply

  72. I’m a visual learner and being able to watch something being done and also being able to go back and see it again makes learning so much easier for me.

    Cheryl Doty, 1 year ago Reply

  73. I love the 1800 series. I think it has been one of my favorites and it would be awesome to have these DVDs. I watch every week and I think I always learn at least 1 new thing per show. Keep up the good work.

    Marge Barlow, 1 year ago Reply

  74. I love being able to watch, pause, and rewatch as needed to really get the full benefit.

    Colleen, 1 year ago Reply

  75. The tips and ideas have made me a much better quilter.

    Ginger, 1 year ago Reply

  76. i learned to quilt by watching videos and shows.

    annette foley, 1 year ago Reply

  77. I love being able to rematch a program to remind myself of a technique.

    Francie Sulgrove, 1 year ago Reply

  78. I need to learn new techniques and the best way to make quilts “sparkle”.

    Kath H, 1 year ago Reply

  79. I am a beginner quilter. The videos would be a great reference to watch over and over again.

    Janice Price, 1 year ago Reply

  80. The video is easier to understand than just reading how to do it. There are tips just waiting to be pick upped.

    Elizabeth, 1 year ago Reply

  81. Always something new and exciting

    Lori Ring, 1 year ago Reply

  82. I love watching the videos. It helps when making a quilt because I can continually watch to see how things are done.

    Mary Ellen Kreps, 1 year ago Reply

  83. It is like having family or really good friends over in my living room

    Margaret Reid, 1 year ago Reply

  84. I love beinging able to be at home and learn new stuff. Plus I can see right up close, and see what’s going on.

    Laurel Lee, 1 year ago Reply

  85. I need all the help I can get…..this would be wonderful to have!

    Joyce Kattine, 1 year ago Reply

  86. What is not to like? There is always something new to learn and we know your teaching us in a way we easily understand. Thank you!!

    Kathy M Boice, 1 year ago Reply

  87. I have been a fan of Fons and Porter since I retired in 2008. I have learned so much watching their TV show on PBS and taking their magazine. I would love to own a video set because I live on a fixed income and money is I would think about spending the money to but it.

    Arlene J. van Vleet, 1 year ago Reply

  88. Visual always is best! Cannot hardly stand the wait to open my own quilt shop next summer!

    Chef Beth, 1 year ago Reply

  89. I have to record your programs to watch them later. I would like to be able to watch them at my leisure.

    arlene marin, 1 year ago Reply

  90. Love to win this, I love learning new things

    carol williams, 1 year ago Reply

  91. I would love to learn from these!

    Cheryl Z, 1 year ago Reply

  92. I watched a few of the quilting shows and really enjoyed them and learned from them. However, they are no longer available to me on cable. If I am going to watch more of the shows it will have to be through video. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. Would love to win!

    Linda Edwards, 1 year ago Reply

  93. I work every other Sat. so don’t get to watch but half of your shows on PBS. I could do so much more quilting if I could have the DVD’s of what I miss. Thank you for your generosity! Love You All! :)

    Rita Dennis, 1 year ago Reply

  94. It is a place to see how to do something new at anytime and it is explained in simple terms.

    Traci Ward, 1 year ago Reply

  95. I’ve been watching Fons and Porter for so many years. Love them so much. I’ve learned so many things about quilting. Love the tips portion of each show too. My PBS station doesn’t carry quilting shows anymore and I really miss them. That’s why I joined so that I could continue to watch my favorite quilt show. Love all the other videos that are on QNNtv too, but Love of Quilting is my favorite. Would love to win the 1800 series DVD’s.

    Debra Revay, 1 year ago Reply

  96. I am a hands-on learner, being at home and learning on my own schedule is a wonderful thing, always have the music on or the television but am focused on my dvd sets. Would love to have this set of DVD’s. What a great learning reference to have. Would share with all of my quilting friends.

    Tamra Corley-Dunn, 1 year ago Reply

  97. Would love to win. Thanks

    Renie Rowland, 1 year ago Reply

  98. As a new quilter I have found instructional videos my best source for learning. Can’t have enough – each one brings a new hint!

    Grace Medina, 1 year ago Reply

  99. I like watching at whatever time my schedule allows. Also being able to watch over and over again.

    Jayne S., 1 year ago Reply

  100. Fons & Porter keeps me QUILTING !

    Ruth Barnette, 1 year ago Reply

  101. Working in medicine I have such limited time for TV, or trying to catch a show when it is on. I try to DVR the episodes, but we also live in country and have to rely on satellite TV and we have all heard the commercials on that!!!

    Bev Russell, 1 year ago Reply

  102. Always always learning from Fons & Porter TV show Thank You.

    Ruth Barnette, 1 year ago Reply

  103. I enjoy watching all the videos to learn more Technics. I often look at a quilt and wonder how its done. then I watch a video and can’t believe how easily it can be!

    Mary K Cook, 1 year ago Reply

  104. Would much rather learn by seeing than by reading. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Chris Chambers, 1 year ago Reply

  105. I learn so much every time I watch….Thanks!!!

    Michelle Eacret, 1 year ago Reply

  106. Seeing is always better than reading when you are trying to make something beautiful. Thanks for all the inspiration.

    Carmen S, 1 year ago Reply

  107. QNNTV is so helpful for me as a hands on learner.

    Pat, 1 year ago Reply

  108. I would love to have this series. Being able to watch a little and back it up and watch again and again when needed is important. Thank you for sponsoring this.

    Sandra French, 1 year ago Reply

  109. I like learning from experts who can bring it down to my level.

    Lauren Lawson, 1 year ago Reply

  110. I am a new quilter – 60 yrs old, I might add – and the Fons and Porter shows have been invaluable to me. So many things to learn – and so many helpful tips – and the wonderful instruction. Thank you for being there for us! I am excited to learn this new skill.

    Linda Gless, 1 year ago Reply

  111. DVDs are the only way I can keep with F&P since my local station no longer carries your program!

    Lisa C, 1 year ago Reply

  112. Since I am a visual person watching the show and the DVDs ake learning a new technique much easier for me than just reading directions. would love to win these DVDs.

    Marie McDermott, 1 year ago Reply

  113. Have always loved the show – I soo miss Liz being part of it but would still be happy to have the series on disc!

    Chris Cox, 1 year ago Reply

  114. I’m still a beginner at quilting. Wish I had more time to work as I wanted to. I love watching someone else quilt by video. This helps me a lot.

    DessieJ, 1 year ago Reply

  115. Just love to learn new techniques.

    Nancy Shelley, 1 year ago Reply

  116. I am fairly new to quilting and find that there is a lot to learn! It’s much easier to learn by watching your TV shows or DVDs then it is to read a book. Also, both venues inspire me to try new things. I sure would love to win the DVDs.

    Karen, 1 year ago Reply

  117. Being able to view and then re-view a task when I’m having difficulty with it is immeasurable. Also helps when I’m trying to teach someone else the same task and can’t come up with a set of instructions that she understands. Picture’s worth a 1000 words!

    Karen E. Wetmore, 1 year ago Reply

  118. I love watching things be done, it makes it so much easier to learn and see what is being taught!

    Tanya Stevens, 1 year ago Reply

  119. thank you for making such a wonderful gift available

    JA McLaughlin, 1 year ago Reply

  120. I love watching and doing at the same time!! Thanks

    Lynn, 1 year ago Reply

  121. I love watching techniques being demonstarted verses reading instructions. The ideas I gain by watching is priceless. There is never enough time to try all the things I have learned.

    Gloria Hunt, 1 year ago Reply

  122. love the videos. learn more by watching.

    Kathy Elamon, 1 year ago Reply

  123. I love watching techniques being demonstrated verses reading instructions. The ideas I gain by watching is priceless. There is never enough time to try all the things I have learned.

    Gloria Hunt, 1 year ago Reply

  124. I like their up beat instructions. Makes what seems difficult, look easy. difficult

    Nora, 1 year ago Reply

  125. Seeing the actual project makes all the difference!

    Melanie V, 1 year ago Reply

  126. I’m a novice that’s still learning, and there is so much to learn!

    Janet Judd, 1 year ago Reply

  127. I learn much better by watching than reading, altho I really like to have the written copy also to check back on…… You do a wonderful job of showing how details can often make a real big difference. Thanks for all that you do to help us learn.

    Doris, 1 year ago Reply

  128. I like being able to watch the DVD and pause to carry out the quilting step by step.

    Gemma Roberts, 1 year ago Reply

  129. I love watching the videos because I can keep watching them over again.. and see how to do it,, not just read how to do it….. It makes me sad though that most things just have these for Americans… us Canadians like your sites also..

    Sandie Holden, 1 year ago Reply

  130. It is great to learn new things.

    Janet Lorton, 1 year ago Reply

  131. I love watching and learning. They give me the best tips and technics! I never had a hobby until after watching their program! Thank You! You give me new inspiration every week! :-)

    Brittany Cole, 1 year ago Reply

  132. I so enjoy QNNTV because I am a visual learner. This helps me to see what I am working on.
    DVD’s are helpful as I can stop them as needed to work and I watch. :)

    Leah Braton, 1 year ago Reply

  133. I love the idea of the DVDs since I am a very visual learner. It is often much easier to understand a concept when seeing it in practice. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Just love the show and patterns. Hope to get to the store one day.

    Sharon Thomsen, 1 year ago Reply

  134. I am a visual learning — DVDs allow me to go at my own pace, pause/retrace, and revisit. Love it!!

    Deb VC, 1 year ago Reply

  135. Love to learn new things

    s.bearden, 1 year ago Reply

  136. I like them because they cover a large range of topics and explain clearly with humor and intelligence.

    Louise Chavis, 1 year ago Reply

  137. I love seeing new projects and techniques

    Carol Ann Johnston, 1 year ago Reply

  138. I love Qnntv It has taught everything I know about sewing and making quilts! I so enjoy all the videos about quilting! Anytime I want to look something up about quilting and sewing I can go to Qnntv and find what I need! I sew would love to have this DVD ! Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Qnntv for a wonderful web site Love it!

    Eula Morrissey, 1 year ago Reply

  139. I love QNNtv because no matter what information I’m looking for, I can find it on one of the videos. Techniques, fabric information, new designers, quilts shops – I can find it all on QNNtv!

    lindawwww, 1 year ago Reply

  140. Being a beginner, I have learned a lot and have more confidence in what I do.

    Sheila G, 1 year ago Reply

  141. There is so much to learn from the 1800 series. I have some of them recorded and dare anyone to erase them from my DVR. QNNtv is the best source for information.

    Faye Nettles, 1 year ago Reply

  142. I always learn better with visuals. I need to watch and listen. Reading and pictures are not always enough!

    Joyce Denning, 1 year ago Reply

  143. I have gotten the magazine since its beginning. I tape all of their shows. Love Fons & Porter!

    Cynthia, 1 year ago Reply

  144. I love being able to watch what I want WHEN I want to–and over & over again

    valerie csmith, 1 year ago Reply

  145. Never enough hours in the day to learn all the neat new things these videos share with us.

    Beth Laverty, 1 year ago Reply

  146. Living in the Philadelphia area, it is difficult to have access to quilting and sewing programming on any type of regular basis. Without QNNTV, I would be without any sewing and quilting inspiration or technique classes.

    I love that I can hook up my computer at my convenience to my TV and watch great programming. I can stop and rerun directions when I need.

    Judi R, 1 year ago Reply

  147. I enjoyed many years watching Fons & Porter on our local PBS station and was very upset when they were cancelled. I am one of those people who do much better if I can see what the instructions are vs trying to read the directions.

    Carolyn McCord, 1 year ago Reply

  148. I like being able to watch whenever, for however long I have and watch over and over as needed. Not having to remember a specific time and date for the showing is so nice.

    SUSAN K, 1 year ago Reply

  149. I have to watch online but as a beginner I love the visual instructions.

    Anita Goodman, 1 year ago Reply

  150. I am a new quilter and it is so much easier to watch and learn than trying to figure things out. I can usually figure out things on my own but things on video make so much sense.

    Cindy Walker, 1 year ago Reply

  151. I am part of a group of beginners. We love videos as they show us how easy some of the shapes and blocks can be completed. We have had a number of “aha” that was actually easy moments. If we didn’t have an example to watch we would still just be doing strips and 9 patch.

    Linda Glines, 1 year ago Reply

  152. I love quilting and I always learn something new from your videos. I love that I can watch whenever I want, even if it is 2:00 in the morning.

    janice brockett, 1 year ago Reply

  153. I have been sewing for over 50 years and quilting for 40.
    There is still lots to learn and QNNtv is a great place to find new and innovative processes.

    Rina, 1 year ago Reply

  154. I love all of the different ideas. I love how you break the info down to easy to understand/follow along steps. And of course I always love the tips!

    Teri powers, 1 year ago Reply

  155. Love these shows, I tape them whenever I can. What a great collection to own !!!!!!

    Karen Tibbs, 1 year ago Reply

  156. I love the program and the ideas on using fabric and different ways to use my fabric

    Rita Goyer, 1 year ago Reply

  157. Most people learn using more than one sense and quilters tend to learn using all their senses. The videos allow use to work/create as we listen. So we are listening, watching and creating at the same time. We can even replay sections that need reinforcement or clarification. The series are awesome.

    Sue Bialorucki, 1 year ago Reply

  158. I love watching things over and over. I pick up something new every time. I understand it better.

    Lucinda Collins, 1 year ago Reply

  159. I would love to win a DVD series. I get to watch your program every other week due to my work schedule. I love to be able to watch it and replay something until I understand it Instead of having to wait until I go to town and visit my friends at the quilt shop and have them explain to me how to do something.
    Thank you for the chance and all the wonderful QNN TV programs.

    Joyvonne Chapman, 1 year ago Reply

  160. I would just love a pile of fabric to dive into.

    Karen Dowd, 1 year ago Reply

  161. Great idea! I love Fons and Porter!

    Miriam, 1 year ago Reply

  162. Enjoy watching your show. I would love to win these DVD’s so I could watch them any time of the day.

    Carol Gregory, 1 year ago Reply

  163. I love QNN TV because I can always find a video I want to watch and have learned so much from them. They help me relax!

    Patty Swatzell, 1 year ago Reply

  164. I love the availability of the videos and Tv shows. I can watch them at my own leisure. I can resins and redoubt as often as I like

    cathy, 1 year ago Reply

  165. I am a self taught quilter. I always watched your program on TV until they took it off our channel. I now read all the books on quilting that I can to learn be able to make my quilts. I admit that I have made mistakes, but I try to be a perfect quilter. I would love to have these DVD’s to be able to see what I have done wrong and to learn the right way from Fons and Porter.

    Patricia Disque, 1 year ago Reply

  166. A great way to learn new techniques.

    Ola Norman, 1 year ago Reply

  167. I am a visual learner, so the videos are just what I need.

    Carol K E, 1 year ago Reply

  168. I’m a visual learner! They would be SO helpful for me to advance from a beginner. Thank you!

    Karrie Smith, 1 year ago Reply

  169. I consider myself a visual learner and watching seems to be more helpful than reading and your videos are very informative and easy to follow–love them

    Sharon D, 1 year ago Reply

  170. I wish I won this because there is no quilting history in Greece where I live and this would be a precious treasure

    MANIA HATZIIOANNIDI, 1 year ago Reply

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    Thanks to everyone at F&P, you guys and gals are great.

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    Thank you for your sharing your knowledge.

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