More “Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show” Coming Up!

I’m off to Salt Lake City to the dream sewing studio at Handi Quilter to shoot six more epsiodes of Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show.

My guests this round join a growing list of stars. I am always amazed at their talent and knowledge when we shoot!

Theo and Loes Van Der Heuden from Art and Stitch are going to show us how easy it is to use their design software. Not only do you not need to be able to draw, but the learning curve is so short you can draw, save, and move your first drawing over to the quilting system in ten minutes! I’ve seen them do a demo, so I know this is true. I can’t wait for you all to see it work. Oh, and you can save the files for use on any computerzed machine.

Judy Lyon is going to be all decked out to present her episode on the secret ingredient to your quilt: pantographs and pictograms. She’ll talk about threads and paint, and tell the stories of the quilting designs for several quilts. Can’t wait to see her quilts which sound like a lot of fun.

Linda Thielfoldt will zero in on three topics: Borders, faux feathers, and where to start with wearble art. She has a lot of information planned to pack into the show. And samples to show, which we all love!

Debby Brown’s epsiode will be all about circles. You have the templates, what to do with them? She’ll show how to stitch creative coils, clamshells and curved cros-hatch.  Swags too!

Debbi Trevino is all about batting. She has researched batting and tested every brand she could get eher hands on. She will share her wisdom and send you to her free Ultimate Batting Chart so you can make educated choices for your quilts.

Lisa Calle has a cure for Quilting Agoraphobia. It’s what happens when you break into a cold sweat when faced with open areas needing to be quilted. Her cure is to divide and design. I’m sure intrigued!

These new episodes will begin airing in October. They will finish up our second season of Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show!


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  1. I absolutely love Quilt It!! I just discovered it a few weeks ago, and I’m making my way through all of the episodes. The guests are terrific, and I always learn something! I also really enjoy the Short Takes on Long Arm Quilting – great tips! Thank you so much!!!

    Nancy, 3 years ago Reply

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