Modern Quilting for Modern Quilts: Meet Angela Walters

Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show: Episode #215 June 2012

With their large, often irregular designs and vast amounts of negative space, modern quilts present a new challenge to quilters. At the forefront of the modern quilt movement, Angela Walters shows us what the challenges are in quilting modern quilts and how to choose quilting patterns to complement their unique designs. She learned to quilt the traditional way, helping her bridge the gap when she moved into the world of modern quilting.

Angela shows examples from her book to illustrate what elements make up a modern quilt: solid fabrics, large designs, lots of negative space. Knowing where to go next as we quilt is imperative, and Angela shows us how at the longarm machine.

Stitching irregularly shaped pieced blocks can be tricky as the quilting design must increase or decrease in size to fit the irregular space. Again Angela leads us through using the geometric shapes that are the norm in modern quilting, adding texture and flow across the quilt. Watch this episode to learn how to bring your quilting into the modern era.

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