Tricia Sherman

It was a chance encounter with a quilting demonstration at Expo 86 in Vancouver B.C. that started everything. For Tricia, who failed apron making in high school, all it took was one special woman hand quilting on a frame to change the future and open up a new and exciting world. Since that moment, Tricia has obsessed on quilting, traveling to retreats, belonging to numerous guilds, working at a quilt shop and making many many new friends. Producing and hosting The Great Canadian Shop Hop for QNN has given Tricia the opportunity to give back to the quilting world. Combining her acting background with her love of quilting, QNN provides the border that holds together a patchwork piece life of quilting, camera work, family and lots of love and joy. Tricia’s goal through her film work is to show the world what the Canadian quilting industry has to offer and to hopefully leave her viewers with a smile and a bit of a giggle. Appearances

Great Canadian Shop Hop
Putting Seams Together Tips – Quilters Retreat

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