Tammie Bowser

My name is Tammie Bowser and sewing for me is just natural. I have been sewing since I was 4 years old. I started out sewing clothing, and chose a career in the fashion industry after graduating from “The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising” in 1985. My 17 year career (in Los Angeles) had become difficult and unenjoyable. So I prayed for an idea that could lead me to a new career. Shortly after that, I woke up with the exciting idea for Quilted Photography! My idea was to use very ordinary cotton print fabrics to make extrodinary photographic photos and portraits. In less than a week I excitedly made my first Quilted Photograph…and the sight of it even excited me more! When the first quilt was done, I hung it on a wall and walked away. When I turned around and looked, the quilt of my daughter was just like a photograph, complete with shadows, highlights and details! I ran out of my sewing studio to show the first neighbor that I could find….and it amazed my neighbors too….. they think that I am a genius!

QNNtv.com Appearances

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