Sylvia Hirsch

Sylvia Hirsch, an owner of Triangles on a Roll- the paper grids for fast and accurate construction of basic quilt designs, insists that you can be creative, too! For Sylvia, a lifetime of sewing enjoyment turned to quilting fervor in the early ‘90s thanks to lessons learned from Anne Dutton and Dorothy Dodds, friends and owners of Quilter’s Ranch of Tempe, Arizona. The ladies had also innovated the first Triangles on a Roll papers for construction of half and quarter square triangle blocks. They introduced Sew and Fold on a Roll for continuous line flying geese and a braid design. Sylvia, and husband Le Roy, were winning bidders when the paper business was sold in 2000. With Joni Hirsch, they continue to manufacture the papers, books and patterns which are sold internationally. Sylvia has designed Sew and Fold Tri-Angles products, and patterns, and expanded the sizes of designs in the line. Sylvia and Le Roy travel by RV to the International Quilt Association’s Festivals and Markets in spring and fall. Winding routes take them to visit quilt shops where they teach uses of the products and show quilts to illustrate and inspire. Appearances Triangles on a Roll – Quilters Tea

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