Shar Jorgensen

Shar is an internationally known quilt designer, template designer, author, speaker, and video and television personality. She teaches her innovative techniques all over the world, to local guilds and community-education classes as well as at the International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas, and events in Europe. Her series, Quilting from the Heartland, airs on public-television stations throughout North America. In recent episodes, Shar’s daughter and granddaughter have helped her introduce quilting to new generations. Shar has also appeared as a guest on Kaye Wood’s Quilting for the ’90s and Aleene’s Creative Living. Shar has written a series of quilting books to accompany her series. In 1996, she won two PJS Product Excellence Awards for her Series 500 book and Wheel of Mystery template set. Two years later, she was named as a finalist in two categories for her Series 700 book and Quilter’s Starter Kit template set. Appearances

Quilting with Shar Series

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