Nicole “Nikki” Lenze-Whaley

Nicole “Nikki” Lenze-Whaley has been a healthcare professional for over 17 years. Although her grandmother shared several different crafts with her as a little girl, it wasn’t until the last few years that she became involved with quilting. Oddly enough, it’s her husband, Jason who has the majority of the sewing experience. When they met 3 years ago, he had actually invented a quilting tool. During the research and development phase, it became apparent that Nikki was a natural born fabric collector. She needs no reason to fondle bolts of fabric, or come home with a stack of fat quarters, no matter what “real” reason she creates to visit the nearest local quilt store. Spending time between Casper, WY and Fort Collins, Colorado, Nikki and Jason have been collaborating on new designs and patterns for a companion book to the Mercury Template. Their target publication date for Mercury Designs, Volume One is the Summer of 2006. Appearances Mercury Template – Quilters Tea

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