Mavis Rosbach

Mavis started sewing around the age of 8 and has learned and enjoyed other handcrafts throughout her life. She started quilting with her sister 23 years ago on an anniversary quilt for their parents. Bit by the quilt bug she took a beginner class from the local college and made several other quilts; then life and raising two children with her husband Jeff consumed her time. After moving from the west coast to a small town in Georgia, her interested in quilting was renewed when she enrolled in an appliqué class. This time the quilt bug bit and held on! In 1999 Mavis was approached to teach local quilting classes and soon after organized the local quilt guild. She started writing booklets for and leading ‘all-nighter’ quilting and other specialty classes locally and in the surrounding areas. In the fall of 2001 she purchased her Gammill Long Arm, created Quiltbird Studio and shortly thereafter began quilting professionally. Recently she has begun designing quilting patterns, motifs and long arm pantographs. Still enjoying the personal aspect of quilting, Mavis loves teaching and talking quilts with others! You can see some of her patterns available on QNN and at her website Appearances

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