Mark Lipinski

Mark Lipinski is part quilter, part visionary, part comedian, part sage and a whole lot of combined calories! Creator and Executive Editor of Mark Lipinski’s Quilter’s Home magazine, Mark has taken the quilting industry by storm with his one-of-a-kind, contemporary and sometimes irreverent dive into the patchwork community.

Often referred to as a “Quilting Rock Star” and the “Bad Boy of Quilting” by the international mainstream press, Mark’s comedic sensibilities combined with his passion for quilting has infused the quilting world with a dynamic model for the future and has catapulted him to the top rungs of patchwork celebrity.

Besides his “Markazine,” Mark designs fabric for Mark Lipinski’s Home for Northcott, and his Pickle Road Studio designs are often featured in various quilting magazines. A multi Emmy nominated and Cable Ace Award winning network television producer for such shows as Oprah, The View, Ricki Lake, Crossing Over with John Edward, Sally Jesse Raphael and Joan Rivers, Mark hopes to trump them all with Quilt Out Loud. So move over Oprah, Daddy’s in the house! Apperances:


Quilt Out Loud! with Jodie Davis

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