Marilyn Stewart

There once was a lady not too old Who decided to become very bold It seemed she created and sewed A program of quilting I’m told This lady who is not very very old… That is exactly how it happened. In 1999 Marilyn Stewart was coordinating a quilt show in my home area of North Bay, Ontario, Canada. We invited our local community television station to come to the quilt show to talk to quilters, artists, viewers, merchants and the thought struck home…a visual quilt journal! Seams Canadian ran it’s first series of six episodes in the Fall of 2000. My family and I have been living in this most beautiful part of Canada since 1982. Like most quilters, I was a quilter before I knew I was one. In some small way it is my hope that Seams Canadian will connect quilters and prospective quilters to the joys of our craft. I learnt something from every guest we have had on the show. It was great fun to introduce these people to our viewing area and now what a great opportunity to introduce them to you through QNN. Enjoy the program! Appearances

Seams Canadian

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