Karie Jewell

Karie Jewell is the owner and designer of Two Kwik Quilters. The Two Kwik Quilters name was established when I had a business partner…. Terry Chapman. In 2005 her husband retired and they moved, I purchased the business and now it is just me… Two Kwik Quilters- so easy, one person can do it!!  Cool! The pattern company was started in Aug of 2001, with 3 patterns. There are now 30 different patterns. Most of the patterns use a “stack and slash” technique. Our first pattern was Kwik Krazy Quilt, (say that 5 times fast! ) and it is still our best seller.

This quick and easy technique was designed for two groups of Quilters…..”The Busy Quilter”and the “Wanna B Quilter”.  The “Busy Quilter” is one who knows how to quilt, and because she (or he) knows how…everyone wants them to make a quilt for them, quick….usually a king size!

The “Wanna B Quilter” is the beginner. She (or he) wants to learn, but sticking to a 1/4 seam allowance it something they have not yet mastered. Quick is not the issue… experience is.


The pattern for the block is traced onto freezer paper. Freezer paper is then ironed to top of 12 different fabrics that you are using (the stack). The freezer paper will stay in place while you rotary cut (slash) on all the lines….Thus the term “Stack and Slash”. The instructions then tell you how to shuffle the fabrics so that each block has a different combination of fabrics. This technique is so easy that even a beginner quilter can have perfect results the first time.  You get the look of a traditional, scrap, crazy quilt with the easy of contemporary methods. The instructions are written very clearly, and there is a visual guide as well, that shows you what everything looks like as you feed it into the sewing machine. All of the blocks are trimmed to size after sewing; therefore a perfect 1/4 inch seam allowance is not required.

I have been quilting for 16 years and designing from the very beginning. I had a friend who had taken a hand piecing/hand quilting class in 1991 and she showed me a rotary cutter, mat and ruler and told me that there was a way to strip piece things, however she hadn’t “figured” out how to do that yet. As a beginner, I didn’t know that there were patterns available…I thought everyone sat down with graph paper and “figured” out yardage requirements and what to do on their own. Well, I “figured” out a lot on my own and with Terry, and now I am finally where I am today.

My husband is an active duty Marine, and we have had the wonderful opportunity to live in many wonderful places over the years. We have just moved from Jacksonville, North Carolina where we have been for 8 years to Slidell, LA (near New Orleans) to finish out our military career. I have 3 kids, my oldest is a freshman in college. He can make a pair of pajama pants, but only if he has to!

My middle son is a Sophomore in high school. He plays the trombone in the Marching Band and also plays electric guitar and bass. He has made a couple quilts (my patterns of course!) as well as many pairs of pajama pants.

The youngest is in 8th grade. She is an awesome dancer and likes to quilt as well….she has made about 6 so far!

I spend all my time sewing/designing. I hate cooking and cleaning and only resort to them when I have nothing better to do (or no clothes to wear!)  I love Batik fabric. Batiks are the only fabric that I “stash”. Everyone says that I am great with color…it is something I just have an instinct for, not something I could break down and write a book about though. I like to decorate as well. The new house is Louisiana is really the first time I have been able to decorate the walls with my designs. This is because I finally have enough quilts for the trunk shows that I no longer have to pull them off the walls to send to someone.
This past year I have had a lot of fun! I have been working with Northcott and Lyndhurst Studios designing for some of their fabric lines and I am currently working on designing my own fabric line as well.

Here are some of Karie’s Quilts. Click the image to view a larger version.

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