Jodie Davis

Jodie can’t imagine life without making things. So it is no wonder that she lists her occupation as “quilting enabler.” Jodie’s goal is simple: to share the joy of quilting.

As the author of thirty quilting books and a travelling teacher, Jodie looked to the airwaves to reach more people in her mission of spreading the joy of quilting. Right out of the box the very first episode of her first series, “Friends in the Bee,” earned Jodie accolades, and convinced Jodie that the Internet offers quilters and the quilting industry the place they needed to control the quilting airwaves. From hosting and developing shows, Jodie soon found herself at the helm of, the Internet television channel devoted exclusively to quilting.

Jodie hosts two monthly series exclusively on Quilt Out Loud a magazine-style show she co-hosts with Mark Lipinski and Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show, a studio show she hosts with invited experts joining her for each episode. Watch for Jodie’s block-of-the-month series, and for her tips and Sew Easy Lessons. It’s all about sharing the fun—and you’re invited! Appearances

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