Jodi Barrows

Jodi Barrows is a nationally known quilting teacher, speaker and writer. She currently lives in the North Texas area. Over the past twenty years, Jodi has remarkably touched thousands of quilters throughout the world with her unique method called Square in a Square?. Her point of view provides the quilter with the freedom to create most any quilt design with speed and accuracy. Jodi has spoken to quilting audiences throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. She has appeared as a guest on several quilting shows, including TNN’s Aleene’s Creative Living; TNN’s Your Home Studio; Perfecting Patchwork on Family Net TV and PBS series with Kaye Wood. HGTV has shown her commercial on the quilting techniques she has developed on the Simply Quilts show. The Square in a Square® system is a process that anyone can implement in most any design. Jodi has written fourteen books (ten of which have been on the best seller list), produced four tools, two video/DVD’s and five teacher’s books. Additionally, she has a pattern book and fabric line based on a fiction novel she wrote from the 1865 time period entitled Leaving Riverton®. Appearances Perfecting Patchwork

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