Janie Donaldson

Janie was the daughter of a seamstress and fashion designer. By age three, Janie was already a hands on doll clothes maker in her own right. This was the beginning of a natural progression for Janie that led to industrial machine sewing by age thirteen, and her own industrial machine by 1980 for full time production of draperies and commercial bedspreads. She was active in the interior design community through 1988. Janie attended college in Madrid, Spain. There, she was inspired by many Old World designs that have been woven into her quilting career. She developed high skill levels in the areas of pantograph texture work, thread and bobbin painting, whole cloth quilts, mock embroidery, freehand and traditional feathers, layout and design, jetting and cold water dye highlights, machine technology, reverse applique, Celtic/Victorian patterns, and specialty borders. Janie ran a quilting dealership in Janesville, Wisconsin, where she also taught classes.

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