Ellen Lumpkin Brown

Ellen Lumpkin Brown is a doll maker, businesswoman, pattern designer and author whose original felt dolls are collected by doll enthusiasts around the country. She is the owner of The Doll Loft, an internet-based shop for beautiful, custom-made dolls, doll making kits and patterns, original doll ready-to-wear clothing designs and stunning doll clothing patterns. Ellen enjoys sharing her passion with others and would like to contribute to the resurgence in sewing, especially for young people. She does this by offering exciting courses on sewing dolls and designing, sewing, knitting and embellishing doll clothes. Ellen resides in South Orange New Jersey with her husband and three sons.

QNNtv.com Appearances

How To Make A Doll – Creations from The Doll Loft
Ellen’s Doll Dress – Creations from The Doll Loft

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