Eleanor Burns

Twenty five years ago Eleanor Burns introduced her first Quilt in a Day book, cultivating a quiltmaking revolution. She presented her unique style, a diverse combination of cutting and sewing applications, creating new techniques altogether. Since 1978, when Eleanor self-published that first book “Make a Quilt in a Day: Log Cabin Pattern,” she has authored over seventy additional books that sell at a rate of well over 6,500 per week. Her ever-growing fan base continues to branch-out, passionately nurturing this art on a daily basis. Throughout the world today, there are thousands of instructors teaching her quiltmaking methods. Eleanor’s impact has provided roots that have grown towards many directions. Her Quilt in a Day TV series began airing on PBS in 1990 and is still broadcasting nationwide and abroad. In addition, a quarter of a century later she has gained several fabric lines, a special edition sewing machine, numerous awards and top recognition for her lifetime of achievements. Even though

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