Andrea Bishop

Andrea is a graduate of Bowling Green State University in Applied Mathematics and German, with some computer programming experience. She lectures on the Electric Quilt design software at tradeshows, teach educators and quilt shop owners how to teach EQ, design virtual quilts for fabric companies, and write and edit software manuals. You’ll see her in EQ’s booth at many tradeshows and she has appeared in over 30 quilting episodes including Friends in the Bee, American Quilts Creatively, Do You EQ?, Quilting with Shar, QNN’s Quilter’s Coffee, and QNN’s Quilter’s Tea. Appearances

Do You EQ?
Fabric Embellishments for Quilting – America Quilts Creatively
Quilted Wraps and Computer Quilting – America Quilts Creatively
Chandelier Quilts – America Quilts Creatively
Quilted Embellishments – America Quilts Creatively
Quilts For Your Windows – America Quilts Creatively
Make It Multicolor – America Quilts Creatively
Electric Quilt EQ6 – Quilt Market Product Previews
Printing on Fabric – Quilt Market Product Previews

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