Marianne and Mary Fons: Comedy Duo?

You know Marianne and Mary Fons as a dynamic mother-daughter quilting duo, but they’re about to leave that all behind to perform their new quilting themed comedy act! Okay, just kidding, but the newest episode of Quilty on definitely has its funny moments! You’ve heard of a nine-patch block, a log cabin block, even a drunkard’s path block… but what about a “Goose in the Mud” block? Well, that’s a new term Marianne coins in the episode. (More on that later!)

This episode of Quilty teaches how to make a checkerboard quilt pattern. You’ll learn how to abutt seams and arrange checkerboard blocks. They also give tips on rough pinning, chain piecing, and using strip sets for quick piecing.


(click picture to go to video)

Want to see an example of a checkerboard quilt? You’ve come to the right place! Old School Cool by It’s Sew Emma will be featured in Quilty September/October 2013, but you get a sneak peek just for reading this blog! Yay for you!


Okay, so back to this fictional “Goose in the Mud” block… what do you think it would look like? Leave a comment below describing it, or you could even draw one up and post it on the Facebook page! We’d love to see inside your imaginations! Be sure to check out more free Quilty videos on QNNtv.comQuilty magazine, and all things Quilty at!

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the tutorial on “Goose in the Mud”. Marianne it would be a great deal of fun if you “invented” goose in the mud block.! I laughed during the whole tutorial! It is refreshing to see people enjoying what they do.

    Louise Chavis, 1 year ago Reply

  2. I love watching your videos for so many times I get new ideas or different and easier ways of doing things.

    Shirley Morgenstern, 1 year ago Reply

  3. I have learn so much from the tutorials. Missouri Star Co, Jenny Doan 8 point star patriotic 25″ blocks my quilt turn out beautiful. I made my Grandson one Now I have to make 4 more like it. and I donate one of them to Relay for Life. I learn from all your magazines also. I enjoy Marianne tutorials very much. Thank you all. Linda

    Linda Wright, 1 year ago Reply

  4. I loved this episode of Quilty. It fills my heart with joy to see Mary and Marianne laugh together and enjoy quilting together so much. I’ve learned so much since I discovered Quilty about a week ago, and I just might learn to quilt, finally. I’ve tried but I need laughter, and Mary, you supply that in abundance, along with a love for what you do. I think you learned from the best, your Mama. I am a good seamstress, but quilting just didn’t come easy, and now I am enjoying the process of learning from you. Thank you so much, and darned if I have a good idea for the ‘goose in the mud’ quilt design. I think that Marianne and Mary should work on that project and then come back and share.

    Jo Ann Kinder, 1 year ago Reply

  5. I was just wondering why I can’t watch the Fons and Porter video’s? I have been a member of for some time now and I remember when I use to could watch them with my membership. Now when I click on the video’s, it is only a preview video and says I have to pay to watch them. If I can’t watch them anymore without paying more money then I won’t be renewing my membership anymore. That was the main reason I first joined QNNtv.

    Debra Revay, 6 months ago Reply

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