Making Quilting a Family Business on Quilt Out Loud!



Mark Lipinski and Jodie Davis open the show at Lisa’s Clover Hill Quilts shop in Berlin, Connecticut. 

Mark shows his Stars and Stripes the Quilts of Valor quilt. Jodie goes to the sewing machine to show us how a gadget that comes with most every sewing machine can make you an echo stitching star.

Mark’s door knock is with longarm quilters Wilma and Jim Cogliantry of Christian Lane Quilters. Jim joined Wilma in the longarm quilting business after being downsized, and they’ve never looked back. See how these couples are making quilting a family business!

Lisa and Jim Salonia of Lisa’s Clover Hill Quilts and Wilma and Jim Cogliantry of Christian Lane Quilters discuss with Jodie how and why their togetherness works.

Then, Jodie and Mark are back at the quilt shop for the book reviews and show-and-tell of quilts from the books.

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