Major Quiltsperation on Quilt Out Loud! This Month!

Are you ready for a treat? Jodie and Mark invite you into the Newark Museum, a little gem located in New Jersey with an extensive, impressive quilt collection. Longarm guru Linda Taylor shares tips on quilting log cabin blocks.

Mark’s “doorknock” is Ulysses Grant Dietz (yes, he’s related), curator of the Newark Museum collections.

Browse the exhibit with Mark and Ulysses.

Jaw-droppers include a silk 1880’s log cabin crazy quilt made of narrow strips and an unfinished grandmother’s flower garden top with the paper patterns still in place.

A Luke Haynes quilt gives the exhibit a contemporary spin.

 Jodie catches Marti Michell at Quilt Market with her block of the month quilt featuring Northcott fabrics from the Stonehenge collection which is coming to a quilt shop near you. Back at the Newark Museum, Jodie and Mark do their monthly book review and show quilts from the books along with some other surprises.

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