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With some basic knowledge, you can learn how to make a quilt with the best of us. Once you understand the basics and what quilting entails you’ll be bitten by the quilting bug in no time at all! At QNNtv.com, we have a wealth of knowledge that we share by way of 1000’s of videos and, as many of our subscribers can attest – we know our stuff! Of course we can’t cover every last detail about how to quilt beginner level designs but we’re sure we can at least cover the elementary details.

Much of what we promote relates to how to quilt by hand and machine stitching. Some prefer to use a sewing machine as much as possible, whilst other quilters prefer a more personal touch, and above and beyond machine stitching the longer seams, they will spend hours quilting their quilts by hand. Whichever way you go on to quilt, rest assured that we’ll focus on the bare essentials and give you a sound base from which to start your quilting ‘career’.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll be the better for having a basic understanding and this will help you avoid feelings of frustration some way down the line. To help you get started off on the right foot, we have a great video that’s well worth watching – What You Need to Begin Quilting

As a beginner quilter, you’ll find that there’s a lot of information to take on board and this particular video delivers a definitive list of tools and quilting supplies that you’ll need to get started.

Mary Fons talks you through all the tools you’ll need, and she breaks the list down into three different categories – needed, suggested and ‘I’m buying that’! In essence the categories are arranged according to importance, with the obvious ‘much needed’ tools being the top of the list. Of course it may seem daunting to begin with, lots of expense and information but trust us … you’ll soon get the hang of it all!

How To Quilt Patterns

Beyond acquiring the basic supplies, you’re going to need access to a variety of ‘how to quilt patterns’. Happily QNNtv.com also covers an array of different types of quilts, from quilt in a day patterns to more complex designs, such as the Baltimore quilt. They’re all hosted by expert quilters and we’re constantly adding to our extensive collection.

However, before you learn how to quilt, you need to understand some of the more basic terms, which are covered in the overview below:

  • quilt sandwich – this means the three layers of fabric that make up a quilt. The front or top piece, the back and the batting. The front is where all the works is involved, the back is exactly what it sounds like and the batting is the filler, the ‘stuffing’ that gives a quilt it’s warmth
  • quilt blocks – these are the individual pieces (or patchwork blocks) that you cut and sew together, before joining them all together to create your quilt front
  • machine piecing – this is an indispensable aspect of quilting and something that you will learn as you go along. Machine piecing cuts down on labor, as well as delivers a better finish overall. Once you’ve mastered the art of joining your pieces together on a machine, you’ll be off to a flying start
  • borders and binding – these are the quilt edges, the part of the quilt that ‘frames’ the top piece once you’ve pieced all the blocks together
  • quilting the quilt – this refers to the embroidery, the hand or machine stitched patterns that give any quilt a truly unique ‘quilted’ feel
  • while patchwork is cut pieces of fabric sewn together to form the quilt top, applique refers to cut fabrics shapes sewn on top of fabric, for example a flower and leaves sewn onto a square of fabric

Once you have a fair understanding of the terms that relate to the ‘how to’ quilting pattern basics, you’re just about good to go. A video that’s great for the beginner level quilter is Quilting Projects For Beginners. Sharlene Jorgenson and Angela Jorgenson-Scott show you how to make a quilt from a quilting starter kit template. It’s an adorable quilt, a rustic design that’s more than doable for those new to the world of quilting.

Of course you can always subscribe to QNNtv.com, which enables you to access a whole library of quilting videos that cover a wide range of quilting topics:

  • tools of the trade – our ‘tool-torials’!
  • lots of how to quilt by hand guides and designs
  • quilting experts tips and advice
  • patterns, designs and more
  • quilting books – written by industry experts

You an watch what you want, when you want – almost like TV on demand! This allows you to go at your own pace, to follow videos that have been produced as a short series, and being able to play them over and again, stop, pause and rewind means that you won’t miss a thing. Follow the likes of Mary Fons, Liz Porter and Eleanor Burns. Learn what they know, and before long you’ll e quilting with the best!

How To Quilts

All of our ‘how to’ quilts are found in our video collection, and we try our best to address our subscribers skill levels. From those just starting out to members that seem to have been born with quilting in their blood, we endeavor to meet everyone’s needs. However, having said that, some of our more popular quilting videos are still watched at all levels! It seems that no matter how adept at quilting we become, we still love the old favorites, many of which are perfectly suited to our new, less able members:

  • How To Make A Simple Sawtooth Star
  • How To Make A Pretty Chain Block
  • Learn How To Free-Hand A Teddy Bear Design
  • Basics Parts Of The Sewing Machine
  • Fabric 101 – Learning About Fabric For Quilting

Another big favorite is our ‘Blocks-A-Go-Go’ series, which will more than help to to learn how to quilt … to perfection. This is where we teach you how to make different quilt blocks, from the design, cutting, and piecing, right through to adding borders, backing, and applique. Of course we have many different designs to choose from, and the beauty lies in the fact that you get to choose which quilt you want to make next. Quilting is fabulously rewarding and horribly addictive! Join us on QNNtv.com – where the quilting never ends!

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