Latest :This is My Quilt with a 12 Year Old Quilter on “Quilty”

Quilters get a major charge out of helping a newbie along. We love showing them a technique and seeing that light bulb go off. And introducing them to the goodies that make quilting so fun. Oh the discovery!

Better yet, how about a twelve year old quilter? This week on Quilty Mary Fons introduces us to Sophie who just made her first quilt. It all started when her grandmother suggested she make one for the Quilts of Valor project.

Mary’s Mom Marianne spearheads a mentoring project, Under Our Wings,  through quilt shops that pairs new quilters with a quilter who will guide his or her student through the making of a Quilt of Valor. Brilliant idea. And this is exactly how Sophie made her quilt.

Watch the video and then get involved yourself!


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