Jennifer Day: Combining Two Passions on Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show

Jennifer Day is an ASID Interior Designer, photographer and goldsmith.  Since 2010 she has added Art Quilting to her repertoire, with quilts that have taken the show scene by storm by combining two passions – photography and quilting – in her distinctive style.

To prepare a photograph for printing Jennifer imports the photo into her computer. Using Photoshop, she “posterizes” the photo so she can see where all the colors go. She then has her local print shop print her high resolution photograph printed paper-backed  Jacquard Inkjet Fabric.

Next she chooses the thread colors for the stitching. She uses Superior Thread, preferring the matte finish for most of her thread painting.

Now that the prep is done it’s time to stitch. Jennifer demonstrates her thread painting technique, starting with the recommendation of an open toe foot which allows her to see where she’s going as she stitches. Her trick to change threads without rethreading saves time with all those changes of thread color. Her stitching completely covers the subject in the photo, with free motion quilting finishing up the rest. The quilts are heavy as they use up to 4,000 yards of thread in the stitching.

Jennifer displays some of her award-wining quilts to point out the subtle blending of colors she achieves with her thread painting technique.

In Short Takes on Longarm Quilting Vicki Hoth gives Jodie hints on successfully putting together the quilt sandwich. The backing must be stretched taunt on either a table or the floor. Next is attaching the layers together. She covers the options including spray adhesives, safety pins, hand basting and micro tacking. Of course, if you have a longarm machine the procedure is much simpler. Some longarmers will baste the layers together for hand quilters.

Watch the show!



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